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  1. Saw this on eros anyone know it this is actually her
  2. Sounds like an interesting idea two professionals going at it might be fun to watch lol, wait isn't that what porn is?
  3. The guy she was with tipped and it was ok. The point of me posting this, which didn't come across right cuz I was drunk, but oh well. Just shocked I haven't ran into more providers in the past considering I have worked in the restaurant industry for so long, and yes I over thought the whole original encounter but hey it was a fun conversation, thanks for all that gave their two cents
  4. Thought all of our sessions went well, she even said she really enjoyed seeing me
  5. I thought I acted normal and treated the whole situation like it was just any other table, but it just seemed like she was upset or mad at me, she never really said much and didn't even look me in the eye when she ordered, it just felt weird even though I thoughti was being normal and friendly like I am with all the tables I get, or maybe I am just reading to much into it and over thinking things
  6. Don't post a lot here but was wondering if this has happened to anyone else. I have worked in the restaurant industry for years and hobby fairly regularly, and I have never ran into a provider I have seen before until the other day. I walked up to the table and introduced my self like I always do and then I noticed it was a provider I had seen before out with a friend. We both kind of looked at each other awkwardly but didn't let on that we knew each other. During, the just whole meal is was very weird and there was an un comfortablefeeling between us the whole time so much so I almost gave the table to another server but didn't. I think she thought I would say something but I would never do that. She was one of my ATFs but the situation was do weird don't know if I will see her again. Surprised this has happened before considering how long I have been in the service industry. Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else and how you handle it