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  1. Honesty is required... Some providers require you to spend a certain amount of time with them that they feel is "appropriate" usually 2, 4, or even 6 hour minimums - which can amount into a couple hundred or few thousands. In other words, you better have done your research and have a good feeling about what you're getting into. Literally haha Don't believe in enforcing minimums. just think it's ridiculous If there's a gentlemen that wants to spend an hour he will, if there's someone else who prefers longer dates and wants a 4 hour he will. Choosing to let the people decide what they want And as for the myth that longer hour minimums attracts better quality of clients - Sure that may be true - But it's also true that respectful classy guys will treat you well in one hour Now it's ok to have your personal preference listed on your ad,site but let people make their decisions lol Your thoughts
  2. That one thing...

    Question for the guys and girls..........And dont be shy...."What is the ONE thing that someone could do to you to get an immediate and instantaneous turn on. Is it a touch, a smell, a whisper, etc...?"XOXO,Ms. Leila Lovely
  3. Teasers or Pleasers?

    Hello there beautiful people of TOB! So, I have a friend who is a stripper, I'm a provider. She feels her profession is more respectable then mine because she "dances" on a stage, but she willingly goes the "extra mile" in the VIP room. My profession, however, is pretty straight forward. I told her that regardless of her view about herself, Own who you are because society still labels us both whores. She's a teaser, im a pleaser and I own it but does she honestly get a pass, HONESTLY TOB??? Ladies & Gents your opinion? Gents if you had to choose between a Stripper as a Girlfriend & a Provider as a Girlfriend, which would you choose? She's currently giving me the silent treatment because I called her a "closet hoe" LMFAO
  4. Coming to Denver!

    So I have finally found the perfect time for myself to get to Denver! I personally am very excited & look forward to enjoying the city.. Before I finalized my trip, I was hoping to receive some insight on whether or not this would be a good time to come? Also, would it be worth it making a trip for a lady like me? Thanks for everything!
  5. Teasers or Pleasers?

    Good way to put it! I for sure put it to her like this ..
  6. Teasers or Pleasers?

    As many as I "fuckin'" like thanks for asking !
  7. I'm thinking that it's taking a back seat to blow jobs, oral servicing and kink. For many. Or perhaps it's just my impression because I tend to attract patrons who are wishing to explore alternative sexuality. But I'm just not seeing that men are enjoying, for the most part, a good old fashioned fucking. What I AM seeing is men wish to lay back and just enjoy being serviced. This is completely fine. It's what I enjoy as well. Sometimes. Although with some people, there are physical limitations and that precludes them from enjoying a more vigorous time together. I understand that. But when those variables aren't in the equation, is your number one pleasure just oral? I believe for most, it is. I know that most of my female friends would prefer oral sex to penetration. Which is something that I don't believe that I will understand in this lifetime. Ladies & Gents, your thoughts? XOXO, Ms. Leila Lovely
  8. Gents are there any specific props, outfits, locations or positions you would like to see use providers use? Any assets you may want to see more emphasized in photos? In other words what would be your dream photo shoot for your dream girl? Share away, I'm taking notes, don't be shy! XOXO, Ms. Leila Lovely
  9. To choose your username or the name you work under? I personally chose my name off the head lol I wanted something that fit my personality; young, beautiful & bubbly! I also wanted it to be catchy, & easy to roll of the tongue.. Xoxo, Ms. Leila Lovely
  10. I was on BP today and I saw girls that are offering $35 specials, $40 specials and $50 specials. Business may not always be the best but I could never provide discounts that low. If I was a hobbyist I would honestly think it's LE trying to lure people in with low rates! Hobbyist, what are your thoughts on providers who offer these low rates?. Although, I would never condone selling yourself short, I do know their is an eye & budget for everyone ... I've once had a hobbyist try & offer me 80 for a full session with msog, but then again can you really consider him hobbyist? Ladies, your thoughts?
  11. Am I wrong for denying?

    Earlier I was trying to set an appointment, the man seemed nice enough but hits me with my pet peeve! He doesnt know how long he wants to stay and will decide when he gets here, anywhere from 45min to two hours. Which to me is is usually a sign he's going to go for the shorter session and wants priority because he "might" stay longer.Get me?Then i check out stats hes only been a member for a month, on the Site he's on and has given one review which wasn't the greatest. I know here on this site I don't have any reviews yet, as I am somewhat new to TOB but I surely am a seasoned provider [Snip}. So I felt I knew what to expect. I chose to not meet considering the circumstances. Am i wrong for denying this client? & If so, please let me know your opinion, ladies & gents!XoxoMs. Lovely
  12. I'm just wondering from the viewpoint of not only the ladies but the men what is your favorite & Least favorite city or area for the hobby and why? in addition how can the least favorite places be improved?
  13. Maybe I'm wrong, but it there seems to be more of the newbie hobbyists joining the scene and asking for advice. (This is a good thing) So, I thought I would offer this post. Donations: First and foremost, never, ever haggle over the ladies rates. If there's a lady your just dying to meet, save you $ and pay her fee. If the price is too high, more research will find the right lady for you. Screening: This is an extremely important aspect of the hobby, not only for the lady but for the guys as well. This is for her safety but it may well be for yours too. Consider this, if she doesn't screen, what does that tell you about her. Everything may be legit, but on the other hand…….well, just read through some of the alerts. Those alerts where someone is ripped off, or worse, seem to have one thing in common - little or no screening. Don't complain or get bitchy about her screening requirements. If you don't want to comply with her requirements, move on. Many of the ladies will work with you, unless, of course, you come off as telling them how to run their business. That’s a quick way onto the DNS list. This is why a service such as P411 so valuable. The money is very well spent. No, it's not easy getting started, but like anything in life, you have to pay your dues, so to speak. Having said that, there are some pretty incredible newbie friendly providers here and with a service such as P411 and a little research, it really shouldn't be that difficult to find a nice lady to get started. If you use P411, use the features. Most importantly, fill out your profile. The ladies do want to please you. If you tell them about yourself and what you like, any good provider will try to accommodate you. Now this also depends on how you express yourself. Most importantly, be a gentleman. Choosing a lady: So you think you've found a lady you want to meet, great! Now do your research. If she posts, you can get an idea of her personality. Read her posts and if you don't like what she says or how she says it, do you really want to fork over some of your hard earned $ just because she's the hottest thing you've ever seen and all of her reviews say she's the lay of the century? You'll most likely be disappointed. On the other hand, you just might connect, even before you meet. In your research, find out about her. Enjoy her pics, but read, re-read and read again all of her information. Follow the directions for contacting her. Nearly all of the ladies make this info available, so do what she asks. Find out about her. What are her interests? The appointment: Once you've made the appointment, try to relax. Don't bombard her with emails, texts, phone calls, etc. A little contact is okay, but keep in mind she is running a business. In your research you should have learned such things as what kind of flowers she likes? If she likes tulips, bring her tulips, not roses. If she has listed chocolates as one of her likes, bring some. The point here is to show the lady you put a little effort into knowning her, pleasing her. It’s a perfect way to break the ice and start things off on the right foot. When you get to her place, follow her instructions, and be discrete. Usually, you can expect a 2-call system. When she gives you her room or apt number, be careful about repeating it. When you meet, treat her with respect. Be clean and presentable and if she offers a shower, it's probably best to thank her and jump in the shower, even if you just took one. Never know, she may just jump in with you. Also, don't let the transaction become a roadblock. It should be handled discretely and in accordance with her instructions. If you've done your research well, you should have very few surprises, except for maybe the good kind. Enjoy yourself, but respect her limits and her time. Reviews: In my opinion, reviews are valuable, but only to a certain degree. Some that read like a Penthouse forum, although entertaining, really don't tell me that much except the guy is the greatest fu*k in the world. Some of the guys will remember UsedCarSalesman. Never expect all the services one guy receives is going to necessarily be the same for you. Could be ymmv or heaven forbid, some may even exaggerate their encounters in their review. After the session and you wish to write a review. Start by reading the stickied thread in the review forum. The guidance is there. Be honest and factual, especially if it's sub-par review. It is entirely possible the reason for the sub-par performance is because she just didn't click with you, or you with her. It happens. There's no need for personal attacks and name-calling. The only thing that brings is drama. The review should be informative and reflect of your overall experience. Another comment about reviews: There are times a lot of piling on starts and you might be tempted to jump on the bandwagon. Let me quote Ron White: "Next time you have a thought, ............ let it go" I am amazed at some of the replies to the reviews, especially the comments about the $. If you need clarification, that's fine, but to tell the world and most importantly the providers you wouldn't pay that much for a session is just foolish. You come across as cheap. Ever see an ad for cheap gentleman? I think generous gentleman is the usual phrase. Think what you like but its not always best to share your thoughts. So now you've dipped your toe in the water, enjoyed your visit, written a review, what next? Do it all over again! But be careful. The first few times you'll know doubt cover all your tracks well. The more you participate the more likely it is to get too relaxed. Don't kid yourself into thinking you won't make mistakes. Perhaps, a hobbyist here can offer up a thread on techniques for protecting your ass. Its been covered before, just has the subject of this thread has, but it never hurts to put things in perspective [Snip}
  14. New to TOB, First time CO visitior!

    Hey everybody! I am Leila Lovely, based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. I have been planning my first trip to Colorado soon! I plan to visit Aspen & Denver & if there are any other cities you would recommend? I was hoping to receive some insight on the city? Such as, area's to avoid, area's to hangout in, websites other than TOB that may be useful? & any other kind of helpful info! I look forward to hearing from you soon, thanks in advance to all who send PMs or reply to my thread.
  15. New to TOB, First time CO visitior!

    I'll have to take you up on that hun! ;-)
  16. broncos vs patriots Who you got?!

    I want to see Manning finish his Legacy on great note! I can't say I'm a fan of either team but the Brady bunch I really do dislike! Lol
  17. New to TOB, First time CO visitior!

    I'll have to take you up on that hun! ;-)
  18. New to TOB, First time CO visitior!

    I appreciate the warm welcome & compliment! Hopefully we can get to know each other in the best future!
  19. New to TOB, First time CO visitior!

    Thanks! I will take your advice!
  20. Hey there ladies & gentleman! I am Leila Lovely, I am fairly new, maybe 4 or 5 months living here, I moved here from Northern California & I moved to there from Belize itself! XOXO, Ms. Leila Lovely
  21. becoming a Male Provider? I was recently Web Surfing & came across a few Male Provider Websites & while surfing I began to wonder. Are there any gentleman her that have ever considered becoming a male provider? If so, what were/are your reasons? What would your name be? & if not how come? What is your opinion on it? Have fun with this! XOXO, Ms. Leila Lovely
  22. New To The Other Board!

    Thanks everybody!