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  1. Taking an extended " Break"...

    Best wishes. Felice viaggio
  2. Info on this body rub/nuru gal Bliss

    Just saw. Yes, recommend.
  3. Out of 47

    The Denver Post reports: "The FBI says it also recovered 47 adult prostitutes in the region." When I read that article, I was also struck by those "recovered". A much bigger number than the 9 children -- which is great to stop their trafficking. Seems like many innocent -- I think -- people caught up in these raids. LE and society should focus on real problems and victims.
  4. It was simpler back in 55.....

    "Be a little gay". Why not totally?
  5. I'm up to about Episode 6. From my client perspective, there are some aspects that seem real. But like the story "Moby Dick", it's not about the whale. Of interest now . . . . client left a will giving her -- using her stage name -- $500k. If and how will she deal with this when released in public record?
  6. So Long 2015!

    Best wishes to you Justina and your move.
  7. Be nice to have a poll of the providers. Can they write off expenses due to any(?) health benefits from it?
  8. Free Ads For The Men!

    Kashmir . . . . Fantastic. Thanks for "playing" along.
  9. Disappointed that totally shaved is 'winning', but as of now, having at least some hair is ahead at 31 - 30. I find hair down there attractive, sensual, mysterious, exciting, enticing, and mature.