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    It would seem to me that if you are spending this much time observing and recognizing someone's effots to avenge themselves upon you, than it is, in fact, a SUCCESS.
  2. Las Vegas Ladies Meet N Greet Jan 6th Free

    I hope this event comes around again... Just starting to ease my way back in to things after a few years off... It would be good to refresh some of my old contacts... :-)
  3. If anyone ever made a suggestion like that to me, I'd go dark, too. What an ass. Pick a girl who suits you as she is.
  4. New Business Names

    A few of the strip clubs I used to dance at had fictional restaurant names for their ATM machines.
  5. Las Vegas

    I'm sure there are some managed girls working the casinos, but I doubt its 'most'. Still, those few can be quite dangerous, which makes it wise to be extra cautious... Stick to the central casino bars if you are looking to be approached. Many of the girls you will see, especially at the bigger casinos like Caesars and MGM are off the clock strippers, mostly independent. Keep in mind though, casino stings are common here, so be careful what you say and do. Even just agreeing to a paid 'service' (whether you intend to follow through or not) is enough to get you arrested. As for the casinos themselves, they tolerate a few of the girls who are well behaved and stay away from the gaming area, but as soon as a girl crosses that line (if she is gambling and spending a reasonable amount, thats ok, Im talking about the girls who wander around and try to lure guys away from the tables/slots... rule #1 don't ever interfere with the casino's money!) they are quick to permanently 86 her and turn her in to LE. If you are the unfortunate gent she is chatting up, they may just send you away as well... That said, the casinos do not 'manage' any ladies at all. Stay safe and have fun... Viva Las Vegas!
  6. Hello, just found out about TOB

    Welcome Sheila... :-)
  7. TER is again available in USA

    As soon as I click 'log in', I get an error message. Its a start though...
  8. Another one down?

    Thank you, Bit Banger for the reply. Its up again now. Might have been a momentary tweak and bad timing on my part. They have already announced the site will be down all day Sunday as they re-build it, so that part I expected.
  9. Another one down?

    Is anyone else having difficulty logging on to The Indiboard? I got an email from Admin this morning about changes that would be taking effect starting Sunday, but the site seems to be down (at least for me) now.
  10. TOB is dead

    Buh bye...
  11. do you think....

    They always have... They are as thorough with the ladies as they are with the gents.
  12. What I know for sure

    I need to hang out in Colorado more often. You are such an awesome group! Fantastic post Gr8owl. It was an uplifting read.
  13. If you don't have a VPN

    Rachel, this is probably one of the best organized and most useful posts I have yet seen since this mess started. Thank you...
  14. Are the listings gone forever?

    It does mention in the new TOB policy statement at the top of the forum page that all listings except for Colorado have been removed.
  15. Cheesecake... mmmmm...
  16. It is quite quiet in here

    +1 for a good hike. All of the ones mentioned are great, but for something a bit more rugged and quiet, I like to get out to the Sheep Mountains (due north) and explore the Old Mormon Trail.
  17. any other Oregonians?

    I'm a native Oregonian from St Helens living in Vegas now. Does that count?
  18. SESTA / FOSTA to be signed Wednesday

    And away we go...
  19. Get a VPN if you don't have one

    It depends on where most of your clients are coming from. This info is extremely useful here in Vegas because of all of the International visitors we get.
  20. Music

    I have a subscription to SiriusXM so as long as there is wifi, I am happy to let my client choose whatever music he prefers. Its nice to have a little background noise and sometimes it makes for a fun way to set the, um, rhythm... ;-) But I must add, a huge pet peeve of mine (that I generally keep to myself... because its not all about me, lol) is when someone keeps the TV on in the background. That is one of the WORST distractions ever!!!
  21. #SESTA #FOSTA- Who's been following...

    My thoughts... This is a good time to make sure all of the backup contact info for your favorite ladies/gents is up to date... We might be in for a long, cold hobby winter...
  22. What’s your favorite season and why

    All of my coats have collected dust this year. We have had a rather mild winter even by Vegas standards. I even donned a couple tank tops in January. Then again, I am originally from Portland (another place with only one season... rainy season, lol) so maybe I never fully lost my tolerance for anything remotely cold... P.S. My favorite season is autumn, if I had to pick just one... but they all have their own beauty and intrigue...
  23. What’s your favorite season and why

    What's a season? (I live in Las Vegas...)
  24. RIP

    I often go weeks or even months between talking to people I meet here. It is, after all, the nature of this industry to remain discreet and keep a professional line drawn in the sand. That said, there are a few whom I have become true friends with and talk to on a more regular basis... So, I tend to get a bit concerned when those people go silent... I just realized my worse fear today when I stumbled upon the obituary of one of my ATF clients... Over the years, we had become very good friends and I am a bit shocked and devastated in learning of his passing. I know he was fairly active on this board, so for those who also knew him, RIP to a dear friend... We will miss you dearly.
  25. Fear Of Screening..?

    Have you considered pre-screening with one or a few ladies? That way, when your window of opportunity arises, the sreening part is already out of the way. We do that a lot here with so many people planning short trips with itineraries that are... well, its Vegas...