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  1. Harvey Weinstein, why are people shocked?

    Not shocked. There are worse things that go on in Hollywood that involve children unfortunately.
  2. Borrowed, Fake, Stolen, Lifted

    Stay. Off. Backpage.
  3. Last Day, Leaving Town Soon Ads?

    I don't mind them.The "I need money to pay my rent or etc" ads on the other hand.....
  4. Running into girls outside of this...

    Yes, in line at Macy's..
  5. Denver Strip Club?

    Diamond Cabaret
  6. Photography as a hobby

    ^ Some people prefer it over photoshop. I would definitely check it out.
  7. Photography as a hobby

    Do you have a 70mm lens??
  8. Photography as a hobby

    GIMP is a must have program to run along side photoshop plus it free. I had my Canon 5DS stolen (Lost)a few weeks ago when I traveled up to Montana for work. Took some pretty cool pics on my phone tho.