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  1. Big time bait n switch

    So sorry!! Don't lose hope....there are plenty of good ones that will make up for it!!
  2. Newbie

    Welcome!! There are some incredible men and ladies in Colorado!!
  3. Why choose not to have reviews?

    I know two who don't want reviews because they want to fly UTR. One has a website both only advertise in one place.
  4. Couples Escort in Las Vegas

    [snip] Providers with couples experience are tons of fun! I would recommend having your wife check out their sites to determine who she'd like to see and then email them. The more involved she is in the process the more fun and comfortable she is likely to be upon meeting. Have fun in Vegas!
  5. "I have no stomash"?

    If you're wanting conversation then it could be a problem. ;0) Otherwise, I'm sure you'll be happy and will understand when she hits the big O!
  6. Hi Kat! Are you talking about a meet and greet?
  7. Have you ever considered...

    Hi Leila! [snip} But like guys sometimes we "females" need and desire a no strings attach encounter. Or if we're wanting to explore an experience we haven't yet, it's a great way to begin.
  8. New To The Other Board!

  9. Have we considered ...

    Now that is a wonderful idea!! After all people and best experiences change from year to year. For example best dive trip I took first few years would no longer be my favorite this year as I have "more experience and feel more comfortable in the water."
  10. Free Ads For The Men!

    Thanks for the heads up on Burt...I'll make sure to cum with bandaid and clippers.
  11. Free Ads For The Men!

    OMGOSH....Justina!! You are too much! What a great thread. Love all the guys who participated. Guess that's why I always liked Colorado!! Hope you're enjoying your trip! Kisses! ~ Carlee
  12. Do escorts drink bud light?

    I love bud light lime!! Next time go for it...worse she could do was tell you that your shirt was inside out. or she may have not said anything and decided to help you with your shirt off! In that case it really wouldn't matter!
  13. House sitting, outcalls

    OMGOSH Justina!! I was thinking as long as he let her know I didn't see any harm. Hadn't even thought of the owners having cameras to watch their furry friends. YIKES!! Safer to just see someone with an incall.
  14. Fort Collins prostitution sting catches 10

    Another reason to only see well reviewed ladies and to make sure each encounter is verified. For the safety and piece of mind for both!
  15. Naked Gardening

    I second that Sexyblue! It's kinda like wearing a white shirt and eating BBQ ribs...I would be guaranteed to spill!
  16. A word from Jez UaBriain.

    Pamper yourself on the good days and let others help. Wishing you much happiness and health!
  17. Ladies, please open the door :)

    During the screening process I found it useful to let them know that a quick text letting me know they are there so I can have the door open works best. That or if there's no elevator access meeting for a get to know you drink at the hotel bar is a fun way to start things off.