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    Adrianne Colorado Companion Haven't seen her post in awhile. Has anyone seen her lately?

    Vanessa Belle Colorado Companion For some of us veterans, this wonderful provider use to work quite a bit here in Denver. She then moved out of state a few years ago. I heard she makes trips to Denver now and then and works. Has anyone seen or heard of her when she comes to town?
  3. Meanwhile in Russia...

    Here is some fake news for everyone: the earth is round!
  4. Meanwhile in Russia...

    Just too funny! I’ve been following this for the last few days about our “wonderful” President. Meanwhile, without getting too graphic and too personal, do you ladies get lots of requests for golden showers (that’s what it was called back in the Stone Age when I was just a “kid”. Not sure if it’s for referred to as this ). I don’t know, perhaps some of you ladies oblige? I was just curious since this is in the news right now.
  5. Insight

    I understand what you are saying, however EROS in particular has been around a while, and is supposed to have a good reputation. Isn’t that a good site for you more reputable providers to try? I believe there is a cost (I’d be very interested to know how much), but in this particular case, sometimes it takes money to make money.
  6. Insight

  7. Insight

    They are killing it, and I know it’s hard work. It’s not like they are seeing one or two guys a day. But, they are able to work a 5 day week, and then take it much easier following week. From what I’m hearing, the business is consistent!
  8. Insight

    What about EROS? I know a few girls who are advertising on there and doing quite well. One is earning approximately $10,000 per week (for 5 days worth of work). Is this a good viable option?
  9. Use of PMs

    I understand, and appreciate your response! Thank you
  10. Use of PMs

    I have sent out several PMs to both providers and gentlemen. I have received zero responses. I am not a P 411 member (yet), but am I understanding that once you become a member, you can access reviews there? If so, are the reviews similar to what we use to have available here on TOB? If someone could please highlight a little bit more about P411, that would be great. Thank you!
  11. BP owner cost us all and makes a deal in court

    I completely disagree with you. He pled guilty, admitted to what was taking place including sex trafficking, And is now including all the guilty parties who helped facilitate this crime. All the power to him!
  12. Nothing to see here

    Well I was not the one who posted it.
  13. Nothing to see here

    The MODS must have approved it before it was allowed to be posted.
  14. Nothing to see here

    I found something very interesting this morning in the review area. A new review was given to a new provider here on TOB. We all know the restrictions we have pertaining to the minimal amount of description we are allowed to give.The provider took a snapshot of a previous review from the erotic monkey, and put it into her profile as an advertising tool. Brilliant!!
  15. Ladies, you are not alone.

    Laci, I do not mean to be callous or naïve, but can you explain your reasoning behind putting the suicide number out there? I do understand people get depressed and wonder how to get through life’s nuances, but could you shed more light on your thought processes regarding this post?