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  1. Members you miss

    Leigh Morgan was hot, smart and CLASSY!
  2. Where is she and what happened?

    That’s not true. Just a few weeks ago it listed her at 26 years old, 5’7” and MM‘s. now she’s 21, 4’11”, Caucasian, no MM’s, etc. Just very strange, but I guess it is what it is.
  3. Where is she and what happened?

    Her previous reviews are describing her as a totally different person.
  4. Where is she and what happened?

  5. Where is she and what happened?

    Bella-7262 Colorado Companion Does anyone have information on this little beauty? It seems as though she changed everything in her profile; age, height, ethnicity, etc... Can no longer reach her.
  6. Hey Mod, can you post her thread on her listing ad? I’m sure it will help bring her more business! From one POS to another.
  7. Conflicted

    If she was demeaning and rude to him, write the review. If she was not feeling well, and just performed poorly, then don’t write the review.
  8. Conflicted

    The only reason I would say review her is, you mentioned she made a comment. What was that all about? It’s one thing for us to not feel well and be lackluster. It’s another thing if we make comments that are not kind or demeaning. If she was being unkind, then review her!
  9. Missing escorting after retirement....

    I just came across this great thread, and wanted to chime in. So, I am lucky enough to still visit with a couple of ladies who no longer are active or on this Board. Of course I compensate them for their time. They still enjoy getting together for intimate rendezvous' which is so wonderful. They are not in any kind of committed relationship, nor do they want to be active again. My question is this, how many of you gentleman (if any) still visit with ladies who have since left the scene?
  10. OMG my first 2 girl experience

    Which two women?
  11. Who would you bring back?

    Actually two more. One was Vanessa, and the other I can’t remember. Both very hot!
  12. Who would you bring back?

    Katie Love and her gals. Can’t remember all their names.
  13. Dear Fifi: Am I bad at sex?

    OMG, I am only reading the gentleman’s responses. How about you ladies chiming in please. Very good topic!
  14. Fair warning to the ladies...

    Love it! You are absolutely correct. Live on 2 Big!!
  15. Fair warning to the ladies...

    OK, does anyone really know if 2Big is really hung like a horse, or like a mouse? Perhaps he has solely proclaimed himself as “big”! Can any of you ladies vouch for him? I know a dude who is just over 10 inches. Would that be considered “too big”??