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    When I was talking about amount, I meant the number of men versus number of women. Not donations. But thanks for your response :-)

    I've read some reviews lately and items in the Forum, which prompted me to ask the following question: Do you lovely ladies get many requests from women rather than men? I never even thought there would be women on this site looking for women to spend time with. If the answer is yes, is it a minute amount compared to men, or a fairly large amount?
  3. Low-Volume vs High-Volume

    Perhaps the question (without beating this to the ground) should be, on the average how many gentlemen does a provider (not necessarily you) usually see in a week? Taking into consideration a busy week, and a not-so-busy week. You do the math; I'm very curious to see the answers
  4. Low-Volume vs High-Volume

    Thank you all for such great responses! Just got back from a business trip abroad and tuned back in. I understand the terms are very subjective. I suppose my definition of "low" vs "high" is the following (numerically speaking): Low = 6 gents per week; High = 15 per week. That's just me when quantitatively defining it in my mind. In reality it doesn't really matter to me, but I was just interested as I see it advertised all the time. Thanks
  5. Perhaps this has been discussed before, but I couldn't find it. Can you wonderful ladies please explain the difference a between low- volume and high-volume provider? What makes someone high vs low; what does that usually equate to in numbers per day/week/month? The term is used quite a bit, and I'd love some clarity. Thanks!
  6. 411-Vanessa Belle

    LOLOL! Thanks Happy Camper!
  7. 411-Vanessa Belle

    No Happy Camper! I was wondering where she disappeared to. I know she has great reviews, and I've personally seen her. Thanks for your "great" response.
  8. 411-Vanessa Belle

    Thanks for the information. Didn't bother to check:)
  9. 411-Vanessa Belle

    Vanessa Belle 720-630-4848 Colorado Escort Has anyone seen this delectable woman? She seems to have vanished.
  10. Russian Dolls?

    Had the pleasure of meeting Emily a few days ago. Beautiful young woman, and very warm and sweet. I'm in the process of posting a review. Don't hesitate!
  11. Anonymous vs Mayor Hancock

    Wow Lucy, looks like you have a real dislike for our mayor. Hmmm, is it because you're so far to the right, or did your meeting with him not go well?
  12. So, you want to visit a provider. You don't have a P411 account, so you give her the names of other providers you've visited with. You give her your phone number so she can make sure you're legit, and that the providers you've given as references recognize your phone number as well. You visit with the provider, and have a grand ole time. A month later the provider comes back to town and decides to TEXT YOU OUT OF THE CLEAR BLUE..."Hey baby, it's me *****. I'm in town again. Would you like to get together?" I've been very lucky that others weren't around when the text came on my phone, but what the hell ladies? What are you thinking??? We wish you remain discreet and DON'T necessarily want you texting out of the clear blue! Anyone have similar problems like this?
  13. OMG, are you kidding me!?! I like nothing more than good ole fashion intercourse. Whatever happened to a gentleman gradually stirring up the juices of a lovely lady, then looking them in the eyes while fulfilling both their needs? I'm there!
  14. Voyerism

    This might sound a bit odd, but here it goes. I've always wanted to see a women have sex with another guy in person. I'm not gay or anything (which doesn't bother me in the least), but I've really thought it would be very erotic. Does anyone know of a provider who would enjoy this as well? Any of you providers care to chime in?
  15. Elaine from BP

    Has anyone seen this woman lately. Looks like it's been awhile since there was a review.