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    You can PM me if you feel more comfortable. Thanks

    That's right. Did you get a chance to meet either? The girl I'm thinking about was a really hot Latina looking woman in her early 20's. I was hoping she or the others were still working, perhaps under a different name?

    Katie Love Colorado Escort I was going back through reviews trying to find Miss Katie Love. She had a few girls working for her who were awesome. For some reason, I can't find any old reviews. I don't remember her going by a different name. Trying to remember some of the girls and to see if they are still working.

    Here's a question for you gents, and if women want to join in, great. When you are hobbying and with a woman, what do you think is the percentage of them having "real" orgasms(especially the demonstrative ones) ? Do you think it's for show, or are they truly getting pleased? Just curious.

    Kaili, Melissa, and Laci, thank you very much for your support and kindness. We're in the beginning stages of our "relationship" so still trying to get to know one-another. Definitely chemistry, great conversation, and sweet sex. So I'm hoping in the near future I'm able to figure out the other part of the equation. I'll keep you posted. Many thanks!

    Oh Lucy, Lucy. I hope you can let this go. It seems to really have fired you up. Yes, I truly meant no harm and wanted to apologize, but you my dear need some anger management. Try to take people at "face value" and give them the benefit of doubt. My titled word choice was wrong, and again I admit it was a bad choice of words. You should try to relax and allow someone to express their regret without jumping down their throat! I hope you have a great day.

    Stevie, you might be right. I hate to be so superficial about this, but I believe sex is one major factor of a relationship. I just really enjoy her intelligent company

    Thank (most) all of you for your response. I truly could have been more tactful in how I presented this, including the catch line. However, Lucy Kitten has really taken this to the next level. My apologies to you Lucy. As for me, I'm quite the "normal" 7.5" size and fine girth and have never had problems before. This woman does indeed enjoy our intimate time together. I enjoy our intimate time together, as there are other ways besides intercourse to enjoy oneself. But, once intercourse starts, it's difficult. As I believe I've mentioned before, this is the first time I've experienced this. I appreciate the information!

    So I'm hoping you ladies & gents can answer a question for me. I recently started dating a really nice woman in her late 40's. She's pretty, kind, and extremely intelligent. We were slow at the beginning-not rushing into sex. That has changed and we are now intimate. Never before have I experienced the following: During intercourse I feel a void; no muscles or anything touching my "little" John. Just a feeling of "emptiness" while inside her. I've never been one to last a very long time because of the sensitivity I have when being inside a woman. Last night I actually faked an orgasm after a long time indulging. Any thoughts, ideas, or words of advice?

    There are times when guys are with their significant others, and need a little extra help keeping "little Joey" up. "We" sometimes fantasize about a woman we may have seen on TV, or even better, a provider we may have seen earlier that day or that week. When you're with your clients do you ever fantasize about other gents? OR, when you're with your significant other, do you ever fantasize about some of your clients?

    When I was talking about amount, I meant the number of men versus number of women. Not donations. But thanks for your response :-)

    I've read some reviews lately and items in the Forum, which prompted me to ask the following question: Do you lovely ladies get many requests from women rather than men? I never even thought there would be women on this site looking for women to spend time with. If the answer is yes, is it a minute amount compared to men, or a fairly large amount?
  13. Low-Volume vs High-Volume

    Perhaps the question (without beating this to the ground) should be, on the average how many gentlemen does a provider (not necessarily you) usually see in a week? Taking into consideration a busy week, and a not-so-busy week. You do the math; I'm very curious to see the answers
  14. Low-Volume vs High-Volume

    Thank you all for such great responses! Just got back from a business trip abroad and tuned back in. I understand the terms are very subjective. I suppose my definition of "low" vs "high" is the following (numerically speaking): Low = 6 gents per week; High = 15 per week. That's just me when quantitatively defining it in my mind. In reality it doesn't really matter to me, but I was just interested as I see it advertised all the time. Thanks
  15. Perhaps this has been discussed before, but I couldn't find it. Can you wonderful ladies please explain the difference a between low- volume and high-volume provider? What makes someone high vs low; what does that usually equate to in numbers per day/week/month? The term is used quite a bit, and I'd love some clarity. Thanks!