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  1. General question what’s everyone’s expectations for all the necessities being available at an incall appointment? I’ve never brought my own items or had problems until recently. One lady was very low on stuff and another didn’t have anything needed.
  2. Your First.....

    Still remember my first experience over 10 years ago. Wonderful lady who I continued to see and got to know well until she retired a few years ago. I was of course super nervous, she put me at ease and took great care of me. When I left the hotel, I went through the back end of the lobby to go out a side door. I remember passing a man who gave me a strange look and I thought oh no he’s on to what I just did. When I got home I realized I put my shirt on inside out when I got dressed 😂 which explains the look I got ha ha rookie mistake.
  3. Ever run into a drop dead gorgeous woman on the way to an appointment? The other day, I went to meet a provider whom I had never met before. Got to the in call, was getting ready to send the text that I had arrived, looked up and there was this incredibly good looking woman who was dressed to impress somebody out in the parking area wondering around. From the distance she looked similar to the pictures of the provider I was about to see. I sent the text to confirm my arrival and looked back at this girl to see if she was going for her phone to respond to me. She just kept walking and the lady I was there to see gave me the thumbs up to come in. When I got to the entrance to the building the hottie wondering the parking area reappeared and was fast approaching me. Up close she looked even better and I quickly thought YES maybe this is her! She was wearing a sexy skimpy top, with a short skirt, and knee high black stockings - WOW!!! She then asked if I knew the parking area, because she couldn't find her car. I offered to help the best I could, felt horrible leaving her, but knew I had an appointment I didn't want to miss. BTW the appointment went FANTASTIC and she quickly made me forget about the woman I had just met on the way in. Afterwards though I couldn't help but wonder if she was still out there looking for her car or needed help. I looked on the way out and didn't see her I am still curious on why she was there, because like I said she was obviously dressed to impress someone. If she was there for an appointment herself, I would love to see her sometime If she was there partying with friends all night they are idiots for leaving her. If she was there with a guy she went home with, he is a dummy for not walking her out to make sure she found her car. No matter what the case is I just hope it worked out for her. This just makes me wonder have any of you ever had a hot encounter on the way to an appointment?
  4. If you could get away on with a provider for on week where would you take her? For the Providers where would you want one of your favorite clients to take you for a week of fun?
  5. Worlds Most Beautiful Female Anchors

    9News seems to obviously be dominating this! Here's one more that's unbelievable - Christine Noel She even did a sexy photo shoot
  6. 411 on Clarissa Clark

    I tried to e-mail her and same thing happened, it bounced back as undeliverable with a different e-mail address showing. Someone just posted a review on her and I do remember her post from a few years back.
  7. Smells Like.....

    IMO if you're attached and choose to see a provider then it's a big risk regardless of how you come home smelling. Another thing besides perfume to look out for is incalls that smell like smoke -- especially if you don't smoke. With perfume you can at least avoid contact with your clothes on, shower, then leave without contact. The smoke smell is stuck with you even if you shower, because once you're there it's on your clothes and you're stuck. If you haven't met the lady before then do your research, read reviews, and communicate concerns with her ahead of time. Also, as some of the other posts mentioned always have a plan B -- change of clothes etc. and use common sense.
  8. Hotel protocols

    Most hotels yes you do have to enter past the front desk. My goal if I know where I am going or not is to always get through the lobby as quickly as possible. I always act confident, act like I know where I am headed (even if I don't have a clue), and say hi back if greeted. The main things I avoid is starting a conversation with hotel staff and wondering around. If for some reason I don't locate the elevator right away, I keep going and will take there stairs if needed. If it's a high rise, I take the stairs up a floor then look for the elevator so it doesn't look weird where there's a lot of staff around. Getting elevator location ahead of time from provider, acting like on phone/e-mail, and carrying a bag are great tips. One other thing I do is try to locate side exits before entering...if one is cracked open or there are people near there I will enter there. If not, I always use the side exit closest to my car when exiting. If nothing else exiting out a side door doesn't put any more traffic through the lobby that might create a red flag. The only time I ever felt uncomfortable was at a hotel where there was from as far as I could tell only the main entrance in and out. The hotel wasn't very busy, when I entered a bellhop greeted me and then when I exited a half hour later he was still standing right there in the center of the lobby. I got out okay, was a little worried though for the provider because as slow as the hotel was if guys kept entering and exiting it was going to get obvious.
  9. Old members you miss the most

    Adrielle Cordeaux Faye aka Chelsea May Both were amazing:D
  10. Fort Collins prostitution sting catches 10

    I agree with the posts about sticking with reputable providers who have safe locations. IMO Hotels have become a lot more risky lately. I saw one post on here about hotels in the DTC area watching for red flags when woman check-in and then looking to see if they can find their posts online so they can bust them. Not sure what most providers do for their check in process, but be careful. Also, keep traffic low unless you have ideal set up. From a hobbyist standpoint if you go to hotels try to enter and/or exit through side doors so you don't draw a lot of attention. Just saw a lady at an upscale hotel. It during the day and not a lot of cars were in parking lot or guests traffic at the time. I couldn't find a side door so had to go through lobby. Bellhops saw me enter and exit which made me real nervous.