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  1. Declaration of Independence

    I lost interest in FB long ago as well, but for clarification, we should all be grounded in reality and facts. FB didn't block the Declaration of Independence. A small portion of the Declaration, in which Jefferson alluded to native Americans using the three-word combination "merciless Indian savages" was flagged by FB's software as hate speech. Every post the newspaper posted prior to that was not flagged. But like most things in our society today, people jump to conclusions with a headline "FB Blocks . . . " without doing any real research. That is the epitome of fake news. I find I need to do my own research than believe any short headline I read, but that's the journalist in me. I guess in this America, doing actual fact-finding makes me unAmerican or something. Here is just one source of actual facts:
  2. P411 changes 2019

    I don't know of one either. P411 has always been the pure verification site, and based on what I read they're returning to those roots. You can use TOB references to verify. Many ladies here have accepted a PM from me and my profile as a verification considering I am a reviewer . . .
  3. P411 changes 2019

    I concur, P411 was a great venue, though nothing compares to TOB. I'm glad to know my 47 Okays will remain there in the event we need them, and it's good to see they'll be taking on new members again. A handful of us who would string together colorfully detailed yarns on TER still feel that their purge of profiles and reviews was a tragic loss of industry history and data.
  4. Fair warning to the ladies...

    Similarly, shouldn't the term 'Sugar Daddy' be re-evaluated? The term itself is a deterrent from participating in that sector of the hobby. Sugar Sponsor? Sugar Man? Sugar Stud?
  5. Bacon...Bacon...Bacon...

    Damn it. Now I can't stop: Inglourious Bacon Pulp Bacon A Street Car Named Bacon Three Bacons Outside Ebbing, Missouri The Man Who Wasn't Bacon Bacon vs. Superman Captain America: The Winter Bacon Close Encounters of the Bacon Kind What's Eating Gilbert Bacon
  6. Bacon...Bacon...Bacon...

    The Shape of Bacon Avengers: Age of Bacon Once Upon a Bacon in Mexico The Dark Bacon Rises Bacon Durham Things to Do in Denver When You're Bacon All the Bacon in the World The Magnificent Bacon Vickie Cristina Bacon Bend it Like Bacon All the President's Bacon The Princess Bacon The Devil Wears Bacon Bacon Cassidy and the Sundance Kid The Life of David Bacon