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  1. What’s your favorite outfits for your provider to wear?

    Honestly, I love some yoga pants with a t-shirt, no bra. 100+ bonus points if it creates a camel toe. 200+ if I can see her nipples getting hard. Alternatively, I really dig a skirt IF she's positioning herself to let me sneak a peak. Not like flip it up and flash me, but sitting back, leg a bit a part. Like I'm seeing something I *shouldn't*. That gets me going.
  2. New to Denver | What to do?

    I suppose it all depends on what you're into and what your transportation looks like. First Friday Art Walk is going on in RINO tonight, starts at 6pm. Lewis Black has a stand up show at the Paramount tonight. Dude is funny as shit. Some Lunar New Year stuff going on tomorrow. Ice Castles are open down in Cripple Creek. Can't really recommend bars and clubs because that's not my scene. I can list restaurants for days. If you narrow down the food you're looking for I can get you a list. We just had Michelin pass through, so if fine dinning's your jam, we got that too.
  3. Increased "ghosting"

    It sucks a lot when it happens, on either side. I've been left in the parking lot on the other side of that text exchange a few times. It's annoying, but I just walk away and look for someone else. I'm certain it's unnerving for women when it happens and makes them want something to hold for revenge. I'm definitely not handing out personal info, or sending a selfie. Of course no lady would ever misuse that stuff, but two weeks later she got 'hacked', lost her phone, or had her phone stolen, and now I'm getting messages from Tony telling me to cash ap 2k or the whole convo gets posted online. No thanks. I've got ToB oks and p411. If that's not enough for one girl, I'll politely thank her for her time and move on to one of the thousands of other women.
  4. Useless reviews

    I'm at the point where I just give up on putting reviews on ToB. I'm not really into putting in the effort to write them just to have it denied for poorly conceived reasons. The mods just completely fail at facilitating reviews. That's fine, their site, they can do with it what they please. Sites like TER and PD make it far easier to post reviews and have a much wider audience. Sites like Tryst make finding ladies significantly easier. Every time I think about partaking in this hobby I find less and less use for ToB. Even my ToB "OKs" are worthless outside of the limited pool ToB offers. The benefit to me for using ToB to house OKs and reviews is just too artificially limited to justify the effort.
  5. Is Tryst taking over?

    I told a provider about this site that I met via tryst. Not that it matters, no way she's gonna get an account here with the entrance ritual.
  6. Kik

    KiK is Whatsapp's methed-out cousin. I wouldn't be inclined to believe any one on there is who they say they are. You may as well toss the money out the window, it'll work about as well for what you're hoping to do.
  7. Moving forward / rediscovering myself

    When I was brand new here you were a very patient and helpful person. I appreciate that you took the time to hear out my stupid questions when there was no client/provider thing going on. I hope to be able to pay that forward.
  8. To Greek or Not to Greek

    Eh. You don't go knocking on Poop's door and get mad when Poop is home.
  9. Providers having an "Assistant"

    Yeah, if you book a party for two a surprise 3rd is a good reason to walk away.
  10. Why Deceive

    I mean, I didn't worry about it. You very specifically worried about it, and that's weird. I wonder why you use savoir faire as a handle. Wouldn't gauche describe your style more accurately? GOAT is a title that is bestowed, not proclaimed. Perhaps TOAD would fit better. Anyhow, I've just found the ignore feature, so toodles.
  11. Why Deceive

    It's weird that you care. Also, it's bruno, not Mr. Uno. How'd you catch the gender thing and fail to read the user name?
  12. Why Deceive

    No idea. I don't recall even seeing it as on option when I registered, not that I care all that much if people think I'm a man or a woman.
  13. Why Deceive

    I'm a dude. And what I mean is I don't think there are all that many conversations to jump into. I don't see what multiple screenames could accomplish in a small selection. That's not a knock on ToB. It's a small community where most visitors are infrequent. Having 2, 5, 20 screennames posting in the same 5 threads just to troll sounds more like a job than a hobby.
  14. Why Deceive

    Is there really enough content for multiple screennames? Most of the threads I've seen were posted years ago.
  15. No Burner Phone/App Numbers?

    I like the aps because when I'm done, I delete it. No one can casually pick up my phone and read messages I don't want read. I can't receive a message/call when it's deleted so no surprise messages coming through when I'd prefer them not to. And when I'm ready to be available, just reinstall and poof, my number is there. I totally understand ladies not wanting to entertain an ap number, and if that's the case, I move on to the next lady. No hurt feelings. I'm just trying to have some fun, no dictate business to anyone. You do you, I'll do me, and if things work out right, we'll do each other.
  16. Not sure where this topic goes

    Awesome, I appreciate it.
  17. How long until my posts aren't stuck in purgatory for days waiting for a moderator? It feels like it's been a pretty long time since I joined.
  18. Grooming preferences

    Shaved on the left side only.
  19. DP

    Two women is a good time, especially when they like each other. I haven't been involved with DP though. I think I'd probably finish way too soon and sit there in post nut clarity wondering about the sword fight.
  20. Survival of the Illest

    The opportunity for informed consent isn't really something to mock, it's something to encourage.
  21. How are you beautiful souls??

    I'm staying balanced. Found some time to get out and enjoy the mountains a bit. I don't really know anyone around here, but I'm working on that. I hope everyone else is doing well!
  22. Hey all. New and learning here. On average, how far out is an acceptable time frame to prebook? I know it'll vary by provider, but just to get a general sense of it, what's considered normal?
  23. What happened to MAKE LOVE. NOT WAR

    Anger and fear drive engagement. If things are going well, we just expect it because that's how they're supposed to go. We don't comment on things that are going well. If someone posts something that triggers a sense of fear, we're more motivated to read it. If we disagree with it, we're more motivated to comment on it. You can see that on this forum. This is something that's well-understood by Facebook (and it's satellite services) as well as news organizations. They tweak the algorithms to make sure you see the fear and anger first. It becomes an echo chamber, where we only see things that make us angry, so we comment, and see more things that make us angry. It's toxic, and we care that around in all of our other interactions. In the history of the internet, no one has ever read an insult-filled post and said "You're right. I'm wrong. I've changed my mind." So we should each ask ourselves "why is it my job to make history and change this poster's mind?"
  24. Forum Topics

    I think pretty much the whole world is just angry now and looking for someone to take it out on.
  25. Hi all, new around here. Quick question on prebooking

    Thanks for the replies. Think I have a decent feel for how it all works. Now to earn some references...