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  1. Eros

    Thanks all for the input! Bottom line, I got careless and should have dug deeper. I'm sure it was partly being unfamiliar with Eros as well. She really made me angry but you're right, that can happen anywhere. Maybe a good wake up call, could've been worse! Thanks again!
  2. Eros

    Additional, I don't think it was the girl in the photos. I am struggling to see it. If it was, that was some damn good photography!
  3. Eros

    Friday I had my first date with a gal on Eros. Based on that meet I'll never do it again. LOL In short, we agreed on an hour incall visit. I provided the donation and then she wanted to negotiate a "tip" ranging from 200 to 1500 additional donuts depending on what she would be doing. GRRR! I'll just stay here where I can do my research.
  4. Eros

    Do any guys out there have experience using the Eros website? I'm curious what your experiences are like.