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  1. Can't be real?

    TER says itโ€™s her
  2. Who is your favorite retired porn star and why?

    Victoria Paris - so hot and a great body Tori Welles - hot and she has amazing skills Felicia - beautiful but only did girl on girl
  3. 411 yasmin Batul

    If I recall she said she would be around during the Thanksgiving holiday and said she would be around during the last couple weeks of December.
  4. Seems boring! Also phone # brings up this
  5. Anyone seen her yet?

    Jenna Colorado Body Rubs Curious if anyone has seen Jenna. Thanks!
  6. Anyone seen her yet?

    That's why I haven't seen her don't know what progressional is ๐Ÿค”
  7. Anyone seen her yet?

    Not yet
  8. 411 on Avalon BP

    Apollonia changed her name to Valentina.
  9. 411 on this girl

    303-385-7647 Colorado Body Rubs Has anyone seen this girl I know she been posting for a few months now. You can pm if you like. TIA Soulz
  10. 411 on Maria (BP)

  11. 411 on Maria (BP)

    Haw haw you know it. Just think what it would cost for a top beautiful actress.
  12. 411 on Maria (BP)

    Porno stars are not cheap. But then again you are paying for who they are not really what they provide.
  13. 411 on Maria (BP)

    This is porn star Ariana Marie who was actually here a few months ago. So if you really want to see this girl go to Vegas or wait for her to possibly come back to Denver!
  14. Does anyone know what happen to Toni Grant?

    Seems like she's gone. Her website is gone and her p411 account is gone as well.
  15. 411- Christina of Denver???

    I believe she's gone hasn't been around in a couple years, she was a good one!
  16. She joined April 12 the reviewer joined April 13 ๐Ÿค”. I'm not buying it yet.
  17. Found it!! Her name is Lexi.
  18. She is linked with this girl who had a review somewhere but I can't find it. I believe it's was upsell and service was just ok.
  19. Amandalove303

    Pics of this girl have been around for years!!! Even when I lived in Los Angeles prior to 2008. Anyways here is the website to who it belongs to. Go to later pages on the galleries and you will see.
  20. Have you guys seen the "newer" FBSM ads starting at $300?

    Or City-source.... ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  21. Have you guys seen the "newer" FBSM ads starting at $300?

    Pretty much you will be ripped of not because of the donation but not girl in pic plus service will not be good. When I lived in l.a. Yes there were smoking hot model type girls that were $250 a hour for a awesom fbsm
  22. Sexi Lexi

    She's not the only one there were tons of ladies on bp that if you search their # in FB you will pull up their profile.
  23. 411 on Cherish

    Cherish 808-264-6234 Colorado Escort I can't find too much on her just wondering if anyone has more info on her. Thanks!
  24. 411 on Cherish

    Thanks Kaduk!
  25. Tara CMT on BP

    This could possibly be her. I remember her ads from awhile ago never got the chance to met her though.