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  1. Coconut oil and extracts

    For one you would find someone whose real world job is selling essential oils...hmm now I wonder who that would be 😘 As someone with a history of renal failure and was as sick as I was in 2015 there is only one reason I am alive today. Essential oils. I am now off most of my prescriptions and I am thriving doing a natural lifestyle and have incorporated essentials oils into all aspects of my life. As my regulars are used to seeing when they visit, I am always diffusing and using essential oils during sessions. As for a lubricant the only one I can use down there is FCO (fractionated coconut oil) this is a liquid form of coconut oil. A fat has been removed so it will never solidify. Due to the kidney issues, I cannot handle any chemical lubricants and coconut oil is the only one I can take. FCO has no scent or flavor so it's a good one to use. Please NEVER buy essential oils on amazon or from the store! Omg! The FDA does NOT regulate the industry and you have no way of knowing if you have purchased pure and natural essential oils! There are only 2 reputable brands out there. For a non-biased source I would check out essential oil university on Facebook. Dr Pappas is the worlds leading authority on essential oils and their purity. I won't post my company name that I work for in the real world but I have personally seen the power these little drops of love have on physical, mentally and emotional health and there are ways you at home can check if your essential oil is pure or has impurities in it. if anyone wants information or would like to attend an upcoming free online class I am teaching on essential oils and elevating your Sex life, please send me a pm for info. Please be safe!
  2. Anyone else having yahoo issues?

    I was comprised too Lacy. They changed all my passwords on all of the sites I had saved. I had to change all passwords including here. I have always kept the emails in case I needed my info but I didn't keep in my inbox. But it's not hard to fine. Good thing I don't keep important emails in yahoo.
  3. References question

    My info is all out there due to some unfortunate things mainly being outed on public boards. I just ask the ones who say my RW info we are in fantasy time let's stay that way and I do the same for them
  4. References question

    I am also one of those providers unless you are on p4 or a reviewer. I had way too much trouble with references and after some not good things I also ask for the RW info. 90% of my clients do send one of the options because they research and know I am not one of the BSC providers, that would have come out if I was after 16 years in the biz. A lot of the touring providers and higher scale providers are requiring RW info. But my form on my site auto deletes and if they text or email I delete in front of them. HOWEVER..... there are BSC girls that will use your info badly. Do your research! Google her number, name, email. You can find our RW info very easily and read our reviews. We should be able to feel comfortable and know a little about you and if you aren't there are plenty that don't screen or screen behind the scene that will take a chance, if you are worried join p4 By the way the smart girls already know who you are before getting the verification. It just helps us know that is you or feel more comfortable. good luck and have fun hobbying!
  5. Has anybody heard of this site?

    At least yours was good Lucy! Mine said horrible untrue things as my real reviews state. I got the same one on both Ava and karma. I am always nice and showered! At least these fake reviews that all read the same (different words but same style) it's either computer generated or a girl/Pimp looking for the $10 to remove it. I did send an email but no response to remove.
  6. Ladies, Can We Have Some Relief From DTC?

    There are a handful of providers who are willing to move around with pre-booked appts. There are great guys in all areas and if you want a provider to visit a specific area contact her and pre-book it. Chances are she will go there as long as she has a set appt.
  7. Spam! I had to laugh

    Isn't he a hoot Kandi. Run him thru VH it's pretty good. My favorite part is the pretending to book an appt to get a response. And I am back so will send ya a pm tomorrow
  8. Breakfast In Broomfield

    My hometown there is a little place on 120th and 287 about 5 mins from interlocken that serves diner breakfast. It's changed names a few times and I haven't driven by there for awhile but pm me and I can give you the address
  9. Strap-on Pegging

    PM sent 😉
  10. Strap-on Pegging

    Want a girls perspective? The first time I heard it I thought hmmm must be secretly gay or they are entertaining those thoughts about other men (granted I was young) BUT as I matured and learned how intense the finish was it became very hot to me. There is something very erotic about the whole process from the female's side from prep to completion. Men who like that form of domination from pegging are comfortable in their own skin and know how much more intense it is sexually. And for any woman, who knows what she is doing and is good at it, it is gratifying on their end too. Now whether a strap on or T-girl, I don't think matters one little bit. If she has boobs bouncing in your face, soft skin, full lips and a insane sex drive then you are bound to have fun. Open your mind and you might just find something that drives you wild! PS***** IMO there are plenty of fetishes that really are weird and 99.9% of the population would agree!
  11. Aspen/Glenwood Springs

    Laci I think you are beautiful and thank you! Xoxo
  12. Aspen/Glenwood Springs

    Mods if in the wrong area or not allowed please move. My question is that other than P411, the boards have the mountain areas all considered the Rockies. Then you have western slope which most associate with Grand Junction. Since the Rockies is a pretty big area what location do the guys in Aspen/Glenwood Springs search? Rockies or Western Slope? i associate Rockies with Vail, Breckenridge, etc. not necessarily Aspen. Any help would be appreciated. Is western slope the better description?
  13. I have questions!

    There are several providers who see newbies but screening is still a must. Just gotta find the provider that you both agree on and is newbie friendly and sees couples 😜
  14. Avoiding Entrapment

    Yes counterfeit money has gone around. Back a few years ago one of my close provider friends got some and showed it to me. Was a good reproduction and in a dimly lit room passable. She was out several hundred bucks. Of course did the whole warning to other providers but the damage was done. Also it gets reported quite frequently on some of the national EOB's and warning places. So it does happen more often than you would think.