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  1. Pic from the old days

    Oh my goodness! The look of smugness on her face is the best although I have to admit if I could balance teacups on my cups I would probably react in the same manner 🤣🤣🤣
  2. Ladies Beware

    Oh that's definitely a thing with the business cards lovey, I was just going with the first example that happened to pop in my head at the moment lol stay safe ladies! Bunch of weirdos seem to be out lately!
  3. Ladies Beware

    If your not LE then u would have ZERO problem providing proof of that, whether it be a business card for work, providing references from other ladies you have seen, etc...most ladies screen differently but in my opinion I think just from reading your reply you seem like you have been called out and are quick on the defensive...makes me wonder if Calis gut instinct is correct 🤷‍♀️
  4. More zero reviews aging up

    I remember the days when I first came to Colorado and nobody wanted to toftt, it was a little bit stressful on my end because with no reviews my clientele was very bp limited and risky, 4 years later and POW!! Numerous reviews Sometimes all it takes is 1 person to voucher for a provider Miss u owl!!!
  5. Please be careful driving in this mess

    They are also like me..... Top heavy...( • )( • ) Sorry couldn't resist myself 😂😂
  6. Ladies watch off report

    No problem sweetie stay safe out there! Reach out if u need anything Xoxo Madison
  7. Ladies watch off report

    It's okay, as far as I'm concerned karma will get him for it one day, clearly he's done it before and will probably do it again to the wrong lady someday. Just wanted to give my fellow girls a heads up 💋
  8. Ladies watch off report

    Had a client in cos tonight who paid for a session via PayPal, after the incall and he left he reversed the payment before I could transfer it to my regular account, pm me for more info
  9. Any help on her?

    I mean honestly girls steal ad titles and bios all the time. Heck I'm guilty of it too. Doesn't necessarily mean she's one to avoid. Just my opinion but I totally see why it looks sketch too Xoxo Madison
  10. Ladies please be careful around the airport

    Thank u for the heads up! Be safe ladies and gents!! 💋💋
  11. Caution ladies, Avoid

    Nooopppeeeee Want me to beat him up? Lol
  12. Hey Guys, New to Colorado, Loving TOB :)

    Welcome to our beautiful state!!! Feel free to reach out if u need anything! Xoxo
  13. Anybody hear from JRWolfe lately?

    Come back soon! We miss you!! 😘😘😍
  14. Eclipse...

    Where can I pick them up at?
  15. Retirement

    Thanks everyone, just some personal things going on I need to take care of