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  1. Lakewood. Ugh

    Hmmm, one point of note of this now 3-year old article points out, this sting was not confined to just Lakewood. I had an ATF who was located in central Lakewood for years. I've visited ladies well known to the community in that little group of hotels in South Lakewood and never felt unsafe. Would I be concerned about seeing someone new to area without much of a record in Lakewood? Sure, but I'd have the same concern if I were seeing them in Aurora.
  2. Alas, the true GFE experience Remember the cardinal rule of hobbying, we pay them to go away!
  3. So what is your Sexual Market Value (SMV)?

    How long does the Duke lacrosse team have to put up with allegations that in the end proved to be totally false?
  4. 911 - 911 - 911, any other phone call is a waste of time if life is in the balance. If a provider really wanted to step up there game in this area, besides CPR certification they would carry a portable AED. You might actually have have a chance of saving someone with that machine.
  5. What's this a 411 from Crazy Horse...

    I sometimes wish this board had a thumbs up function, but kudo's to Fritzie for actually answering the question
  6. Who is on your fuckit list?

    From a provider perspective this would seem like everyday, however from a hobbyist perspective booking a little side action from someone you truly knew had one of above listed occupations as there day job, pretty hot. Can't help but think of the Suzy Favor Hamilton story
  7. Has Katie Retired?

    Vote Up! Thank You!
  8. Weekend nookie?

    How do you know if your ATF considers you her ATFC (all time favorite client)? When she suggests the overnight or weekend and it's at a rate you'd find hard to refuse. I have had it happen and it didn't come out of blue, but formed over several sessions, I think she just wanted to get away and I was her ticket.
  9. The Economist looks at the hobby

    Puts hard data to things most hobbyist already know. It's interesting how quickly adult services moved online but I've noticed locally were not moving into the mobile space very fast. No mobile app for escortboards or Preferred 411, either one or both is a natural for mobile. If there not careful someone might beat them to punch and they will lose market share. Another item I think most of us already knew is the biggest determinate of rate the provider receives is body type. Here's looking forward to next thread of new "voluptuous" provider complaining no one is contacting her at the rate she posted.
  10. Denver Health is free or very low cost however: Yes it's confidential but it's very public, your in there waiting with the masses, playing that mental game as you look around, so why are you here? ;-) It's public health which means hurry up and wait, so if you value your time free is not so free Again it's confidential but extensive questionaire, it's not simply the condom came off I just want to get checked can we move it along?
  11. Everyone's needs are different, but generally health insurance you kinda assume the need, however life insurance is generally if you have dependents (either kids and or a significant other) that cannot provide for themselves if you are now dead. Being in the financial industry, over the years I've managed to frown on and be in awe of those who have sold life insurance policy to those who have no real dependents, typically it's whole life as a "expensive" retirement plan. A will? I guess we can only speculate why these three and in hurry, something about being in a hurry makes both the health and the life insurances problematic beyond just the need to show income and what you do for a living. A will can be had quickly without the need anyone to know what you do for a living or income just the ability to pay the attorney or for the software.
  12. Opinions Please

    Just for conversational purposes I'm going to assume your a very good craftsman as it sounds like you've been in business for a while. I understand you have a physical location however just for hypothetical purposes let's say one of your clients really wants you to come to them, let's say they live in the Stapleton neighborhood. They need you for about 15-minutes, what are you going charge? Remember all the factors you need to put into this; time, driving costs, lost opportunities because your there instead of in your shop etc. And just of curiosity do think people who might do business with you may try look you up on Yelp or Angie's list etc?
  13. ASP hittin' you up for money

    I had a favorite regular ask me once, I just responded by asking if she could do a session that night. Hint was taken, in the future she would text me if I could see her that night usually with a discount attached, it worked well for a while. Granted no one has asked me to wire them money, I'd have a more difficult time with that.
  14. How to discuss services beforehand

    If your P411 member you could put your "specific interests" in your profile. When making an appointment through there system I'd note "be sure to check my profile" If they agree to the appointment chances are there amenable to your need.
  15. The reverse eBay.

    I've always thought something like this would add great value to the P411 service.