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  1. TOB Members Don't Be Assholes to Providers

    Have never understood that attitude. That goes not only for here and how you treat these ladies, but also how you treat others in general. That guy must be someone’s real prize. Kindness and empathy go a long way.
  2. Provider asking for a picture?

    Reading comprehension seems to be a lost art.
  3. Favorite Halloween Candy

    Hmmmm . . . So no “fun size” for you, eh? Anything dark chocolate for me. Love the bitter and sweet taste combination.
  4. Anyone ever fall for a provider?

    I fall for many of the providers I meet. Almost all of them are beautiful women who I have respect and love for. But it is the love of “filios” and “eros”. It is not the love of a long term relationship or hoping for one. I know and understand their boundaries and expect the same. That doesn’t mean we could not be good friends and love and care for each other as such. I would add that you are connecting with someone in this realm in the most basic human way. How can you not love them in some way after having been connected in that way?
  5. Orgasm or Not?

    One of the benefits of trying to stay fit and having that gym membership. Except when those tight yoga pants make you uncomfortable in your own shorts. 😳
  6. Orgasm or Not?

    Just at the gym?
  7. Hobby Phone becoming an issue

    Phone is unlocked but Verizon has been a PITA converting the physical sim to an e sim. I went to 3 stores over the weekend looking for a tracfone nano sim and everywhere they are sold out. I also have a couple of extra unlocked iPhones laying around, but need to find a tracfone nano sim.
  8. Is there a "Short notice" thread here in Denver?

    I always try to schedule far in advance. That being said, things do happen, and I have been cancelled on at the last minute. That’s the only time I have tried short notice and most times regretted the attempt.
  9. Chivalry: is it dead?!

    Great post. There are still many of us who are gentlemen and are respectful. But there are a lot of jerks out there too.
  10. Gotta LOVE Colorado Fall colors!

    Is the implication that some wieners do? I caught that. Bratwurst and Marzen (Oktoberfest) beer. Nothing better!
  11. Hobby Phone becoming an issue

    Slightly different issue - I have a tracfone burner phone, and I HATE trying to text on that damn flip phone. Several old iPhones laying around and I am aware the sim could go in one of those, but the iPhones take the nano sim, and this sim is too big. I don’t want to give up the number as some ladies know my current number and trust it. My current iPhone can also dual sim and if I had the right sized sim, it is a lot easier to hide and pop a sim in when I need it, than that damn flip phone.
  12. I was nervous at first, and then calmed down, and by the end of the conversation, was really turned on. No bra, no panties, as she wriggled out of that dress. And I neglected one other example, a lady that talked REALLY dirty while we were together. In all, I am a somewhat shy person, and had never heard anyone talk like that - it was awhile ago, but I still remember it as an instant turn on.
  13. Providers thoughts on men with facial hair

    Always thought that. 😋