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  1. Lacey Wings 720-921-9995 Colorado Companion Anybody familiar with her? All I can find is a Twitter account that hasn't had been used in 5 years.
  2. Wanted some perspective from both hobbyists and providers: I in no way begrudge someone in this business from taking step to insure their safety, and I've seen listing before of someone saying they have "someone with me to keep me safe". I would never attempt to book with that person, because the thought of some guy with access to the room puts me on edge and I would not be able to enjoy the session. It recently happened that I had booked with someone and upon arrival was told their "assistant" would let me in. There was no mention of this before or anything in the listing. I immediately became uncomfortable and got back in my car. I offered to PayPal the provider the cost of the room, offered to give them part of their rate, and even offered to meet them in public for a HH at their listed rate. Got no response. I'm not trying to be an ass. I know what a problem it can be if someone cancels last minute, but I could not have had an enjoyable session once that was revealed. Anyone ever have this happen to them, from either side? Is it common to have someone with you that the client just doesn't know about? Providers: is there something I could do/could have done to make this right beyond just going through with it? Interested to hear your thoughts