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  1. Typical Newbie Cluelessness...

    You do realize that you give some of the shittiest advice I have ever heard. I have been hobbying for over 20 years and you are the ONLY person with these idiotic situations, and even more your idiotic advice. By your advice, and if people follow it, nobody is going to be able to get laid. Please stop. Nobody is stalking you, outting you, or anything else. A normal, sane person would have taken action. I know I would have. I personally am tired of hearing about it. It's clearly not a problem for you, because it is NOT HAPPENING. Get help! For the love of (insert deity) stop spewing your public nonsense. It is people like you that ruin the hobby. I have no tolerance for it. And please lern to spell and learn the difference between their, there, they're, it's its, it is, no, and know, and please do not tell me it is because you speak multiple languages. You do not. Nor are you from England. I lived there for over 10 years. You have the most fake accent I have ever heard. Yes, I called you once. listened to your accent and knew, fake. Where I come from this type of behavior would never be tolerated. WHY?
  2. Dynamic Pricing

    Dude didn't you know that for a few hours a day a girls shit stops stinking and her pussy turns to gold. If it bothers you that much, call her when her rates are low or move on.
  3. Hot or Not?

    Hot, as fuck but it takes a rare creature to want and enjoy it. I come from the land of San Francisco....Nothing surprises me. Met a girl once in Castro after a fetish ball who was into all of that....well not the food but cause it wasn't offered. Been there, got the tee-shirt, had a blast, nuff said, Well except Colorado is boring in comparison....not always a bad thing
  4. Bruising from Extreme workout?

    It depends on where the bruises are. I saw a lady several times who I knew was training in self defense. She had bruises on her thighs all the time. I knew about this, and she said it is where she bruises most easily. If I were to walk into a session where the yl had brusies on her face, or upper body, I might be concerned. Justina, I think if you explain you will be fine. Most guys like that a lady can handle themselves....Good on you. If I do not F&^% with you then you will not need to F&*( with me. Rules to live by. If I start seeing busted up ribs and face, I may inquire as to what the hell is going on. Other than that, well she could be clumbsy or bruise easily. I thinkk most guys can tell a work out to a beating.
  5. Cold Hard Truth (no pun intended)

    First of all I commend you on knowing where your logic falls short, and knowing that it is wishful thinking. The cold hard truth as you call it, is that you cannot save these young ladies. If you are truly in the "hobby" to see the ladies for their services, great. If you are truly seeking a girlfriend, go onto a dating site. In my experience, you will see this type of servitude on Backpage and they will be very young. For me personally, I cannot see anyone under the age of 32, it creeps me out. Plus, the more mature providers are (in my experience) better at providing quality services. Stay off BP and see well reviewed ladies. Regardless of age, the ladies with a good reputation do not travel with "friends" who take their money, therefore you will be less likely to want to be captain save a ho. He is, after all, a mythical super hero unless you have a shit ton of money, and even then you have to wonder is this for real or is she using me for my money. Sounds to me like you do not belong in the hobby scene if you cannot come to terms with the harsh realities that go along with it. Bottom line, don't hobby with your heart.....ever.
  6. Say No To The Bro-Hug

    I am not sure if I should say thanks or not. As with any new movement, this needs to be seriously taken with a GIANT grain of salt. I am all for men being strong, confident, masculine beings but, not at the expense of another human being. My first problem is that this red pill/blue pill concept is a subset of reddit. I am not going to go to deep into it so I will post this link and you can decide for yourselves. I cannot subscribe to either a red or blue pill...purple maybe. SO FOR THOSE WANTING TO UNDERSTAND what the hell the reference is in regard to http://www.businessinsider.com/the-red-pill-reddit-2013-8
  7. Say No To The Bro-Hug

    With someone I barely know, NO way get off me. With a good friend or family member, different story. I have noticed over the years of how huggy guys have gotten. Personally a good hand shake and a pat on the shoulder or back is good enough for me.
  8. Best BBBJ in COS

    Melissa Sterling hands down, it's an art form!
  9. BP pussy

    This has been my experience as well. On another note, I appreciate a lady who screens well, or at least a little bit. That alone tells me she has something to lose as well. As for BP, way too much of a crap shoot for me. The other thing I appreciate is the older ladies over 35. In my experience they do not have any drama in their lives. Calling a 18+ are just too young, and I like an experienced woman. Well reviewed ladies are the only way to go. I look at it this way, if the price is too low, I can expect the upsell. Just be honest with your pricing.
  10. looking a gift horse in the mouth

    Yeah in the 80's they were know as Valley Girls. "Like totally" or "Like gag me with a spoon" It has continued to get worse. I listen to the way people speak these days and shake my head. The other one is, "you know what I mean?" NO, I do not, tell me, but do it without saying "Like" and for the love of puppies and ice cream learn how to know the difference between two, too, to and there, their, they're. As for looking at a guy and knowing how much money he has. If you were to meet me outside of work, you would never guess. My teeth suck, I drive a 14 year old car, and I dress very casually. I am not one to brag about my successes. Like me for me, not my wallet. So far it has worked out well.
  11. Loyalty

    If a lady ever pulled that crap with me, well she could kiss my money goodbye. A lady wouldn't want a client telling her she cannot see anyone else, so she shouldn't do it. Variety is the spice of life. I can say in my experience that being a good, safe, clean, generous, client has earned me certain perks. Have ladies chosen to see me over an unknown guy, yes. I asked why and was told that it is less stressful because there isn't the need for screening, the fear of getting busted is gone. I am a sure thing (pay and show up) and provide smiles galore. I always make sure I add to her envelope a bit because we always tend to go over time. Sure that may be her choice, but I also know her time is valuable and should be compensated for. So for loyalty, I am very loyal, and I have never had a problem with the ladies showing me loyalty in return. I suppose in 20 years I have learned a lot, and manners do go a long way.
  12. Escorts Murderer finally arrested today

    While the title of the thread could read Escorts suspected murderer finally arrested, doesn't take away from the point. The police had only suspected this man. I think the fact that this lady was an escort slowed things down for the police detectives, they stayed the course and the fact that this man was still their main and only suspect is the point. Innocent until proven guilty, sure but he gets to be innocent behind bars. Now then, what if he is convicted or what if he admits it. I do not think this guy is what we all refer to as a hobbyist. At that point everyone will be cheering for his conviction. This is exactly why I feel it is important for the ladies to be able to screen in whatever manner they see fit. IF this victim had gotten his info and had a person that they checked in with, that may have sped up in either proving this man did or didn't do it. SO, by suggesting that the guys not give any info to the ladies, in my opinion puts the ladies at greater risk. Think about it, a girl from this board goes missing. They find out that she had seen "John" with no other info. The same thing is going to happen. The way I see it is that the ladies ask for information to feel safe. This is a perfect example. Now look at it this way. You see a girl and she winds up missing. The police start looking at you as a suspect, BUT you are cleared because the person she checked in with said the provider called and checked in after the appointment. In this case, you might get questioned, and perhaps embarrassed, but you will not be charged with murder. Would you rather be questioned once or for seven years?
  13. "Extra" service at a strip club?

    In SF, it's a pretty good bet you can get extra's BUT the best way to go about it is to take a working girl with you. Oh the stories of fun and frolic I could tell. Here in Colorado NO WAY! Don't even chance it. I was here a couple of years ago on a business trip with a bunch of guys. We were so used to getting certain perks this one guy just smacked a girl on the ass and the next thing you know he was literally picked up and thrown out of the club. Not worth it. Just call an escort, or call an escort to go with you to a club then go have fun afterward. But do not expect a dancer to go anywhere with you in or out of the club here in CO.
  14. Hey! That counts as alcohol abuse! I am with Bit Banger on this one. Gives a whole new meaning to body shots. So, does the bottle come with the girl? Great advertising IMO.
  15. Hi Jez, No, I wouldn't want anyone to be disrespected ever, and thinking of the ladies as anything other than being there as a service is B.S. You ladies always deserve to be held in the highest respect. I understand that some guys act in a demeaning manner, and in my opinion they are pathetic. All I am saying is that if I go see a lady and she wants to take a towel to my ass, I am going to leave. Ask me to shower, but do not come off with the attitude that I am a sticky ass mother F&^%$# just because I am a guy.