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    been in colorado my whole life would not want to go anywhere else.
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    motorcycles, woodworking, quantum physics
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  1. Is this the only profession where...

    Pretty Hot And Tempting
  2. How long do you prefer?

    at least a hour
  3. cops new low

    at least we are not in arkansas
  4. Client wanting a relationship

    don't string him along, spell out the specifics. he sounds like he is easily manipulated. best to keep it a simple business transaction. he will get hurt and hurts dudes do crazy shit, she might end up with a stalker out of this situation.
  5. Repeats

    i think when you find a good fit keep with it
  6. Best 3G provider

    I think that's called the stranger
  7. Hello everybody

    new here and to to hobby. Lots of good info and good community here. just want to say thanks to everybody.