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    I live for my next work out :D
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  1. Guidance

    I aggree don't get involved, hun.
  2. Happy Birthday to ME! :wub:

  3. Hello OTB! Apparently i made this profile way back in 2014 lol but am just know becoming aware of your existence again! Looking forward to visiting the regions that this board serves. 

    Ciao! xoxo Mya

    1. boink36


      You might get a better response with an introduction on the Colorado forum. 

    2. VIP Mya Michelle

      VIP Mya Michelle

      okay thank you! :D

    3. mountainman4u72


      Wow! A most welcomed return. Wish you well on here. 

  4. what is a status? like i'm digging this website but i'm kinda lost.. someone please help me 

    1. boink36


      The status section is like your Facebook wall. you can post most anything you like here but there is no advertising in your status section.

  5. TER Question for the Ladies

    Yeah it can totally suck when reviews are inaccurate and you can't change them... smh
  6. Harrisburg and Philly

    I like staying in downtown Philly, and guys seem to be able to get down there no problem.