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  1. Squirting

    I can squirt from time to time, it's interesting when doing so.
  2. TOB Blocking New Members?

    yea i can't join either, i guess i was just lucky that i signed up way back when lol but i can't post ads or be a verified provider.
  3. CoVid and providers

    Hey BBB! long time no see! I too never stopped my life as usual lol.
  4. Anything happening in Downtown Denver?

    I'm in Chicago... while i havent been in Chicago proper to hang out. The bars and restaurants have been open for quite a while in the neighboring suburbs. I have been going out on the weekends... they aren't requiring masks either. LOL you can hate me now, i know, i know. But i honestly never did the stay at home thing, and i never stopped taking appointments, i was going to friends house parties, and hosted a couple card parties, went a few dates this summer to nice restaurants. I got tested one time and i was negative... I haven't been sick once and i'm quite sure i must have come in contact with it by now... either way i guess i am just one of the lucky ones.
  5. Is $0 better than $150?

    I think what he is forgetting is that is a luxury service. If you can't afford to participate then you should not participate. Sounds like he only makes 30k a year, which he says is average lol. Instead of looking for ass, he should be looking for a better job and a regular girlfriend. By the sounds of it... i can see why he can't get a regular girlfriend... Please Sir don't come harassing us working gals! LMAO go harass the civie women. Make them go 50/50 when you take them out to eat, while they brag about how independent they are and don't need a man for anything (you might get lucky and she even pays for you too!), there are plenty of women willing to prove their worth in the civie world, they love bragging about how it costs $0 to date/fuck them! Go! Go play!
  6. My Thoughts on Valentines

    Yeah, i was depressed this V-day. I could have called one of the several men in my phone book to ensure i got flowers (thats all i really care about because i love flowers) but i didn't because i really dont genuinely like spending time with any of them lol. Never the less i was still sad there was no one man i really cared about and wanted to spend time with. So i just got drunk and then went to a bar got more drunk and lost my keys.... lol. Not to mention i think i got minor frost bite on my finger tips (they're all better now tho). Sobered up now i realize i can get flowers any day of the year and having chosen being an escort, i have probably received more gifts and gratitude than a many civie women have in a lifetime. So i should be grateful that i have been privileged to see the best side of men by choosing this profession. I think i was more sad i have been single for 6 years more than anything but it was magnified on V-day and the alcohol certainly did not help LMAO
  7. Anyone out there?

    lol i'm here to say hi!
  8. Just checking in

    Hi i am checking in as well, i signed up for this place back in 2014,,, but i think it is geared more to like the west coast and rocky mountain area? correct?
  9. New to TOB - Eastern Iowa/Western Illinois

    Hi just wanted to say hello from Chicago! I don't see a Chicago forum, am i missing something?
  10. Mya Michelle

    Hello my ladies and fellas! Always looking to see whats up.
  11. Guidance

    I aggree don't get involved, hun.
  12. TER Question for the Ladies

    Yeah it can totally suck when reviews are inaccurate and you can't change them... smh
  13. Harrisburg and Philly

    I like staying in downtown Philly, and guys seem to be able to get down there no problem.