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  1. Are you ready for spring

    I"m lukewarm on winter. Anxious for spring. Summer? Ugggh.
  2. Texas Elementary School Shooting

    Interesting that there haven't been many shootings at airport terminals. The last one was in 2017 and the shooter went through some complications in order to get his gun past security. So why can't those security protocols be duplicated at schools?
  3. no I do not know what it is

    The fact that they mention "it's possible the cavity seen is only a few centimeters or inches tall in real life" indicates to me that it probably is only a few cm tall, otherwise why mention it. In addition, Insight has recorded 1300 seismic events on Mars so strain on the landscape is probably not out of the question. Or maybe Gr8owl found the exception to the Fermi Paradox..😁
  4. Delayed or not shows

    I almost always deal with agencies. Call them what you want but they keep escorts and customers in line. Almost every agency lady I've seen were as described, on time, and all services delivered to my satisfaction. As for the customers, I once had a few drinks and visited an agency lady. As I'm leaving I get a call from "Steve" who says "dude, girl says she's short one benjamin". So I go back and pay since (1) I probably did, (2) I don't want to get cross wise with the agency.
  5. Hunter Biden laptop!

    As I understand it, what's causing so much consternation among some folks is a tiny amount of email texts and other information that comes from a supposed copy of the actual laptop internal hard disk which is in FBI custody including the hard disk. The legally blind man from the repair shop can't confirm who it was that dropped off the laptops to be repaired other than a receipt with Hunter's name and a Beau Biden Foundation sticker on it. The repair man, an outspoken Trump supporter, said in a bizarre interview that he said made a copy to protect himself and his family. So bottom line is that there really is no confirmation that the portable drive is a copy of the laptop's hard drive. WAPO had 2 computer experts try to confirm and verify the authenticity of the recovered emails but they were unable to do so with more than a few emails. Those emails (that could be argued were authentic insofar as originating from a public email with correct encryption algorithms but are unable to be traced as to who sent and received them) are described by Vox as: There were two supposed “smoking guns” about Joe Biden that conservatives touted in the materials. The first was an email the Post called a “blockbuster,” in which an executive at the Ukrainian gas company Burisma thanked Hunter for the “opportunity to meet your father” in 2015. If you’re steeped in Trumpworld lore, this was damning because of the theory that Biden had the corrupt prosecutor general of Ukraine fired to benefit Burisma, and Biden had said he knew nothing about Hunter’s Ukrainian work, but look, a meeting! (Apparently, it was a dinner at Cafe Milano that Hunter had organized, with about a dozen people.) This appears to amount to Vice President Biden seemingly going to one dinner. The second involved a business venture that Hunter tried to set up with a Chinese energy tycoon in 2017 (after Joe Biden was no longer vice president). One email mentions that the equity split would include “10 held by H for the big guy ?” A former business partner of Hunter’s named Tony Bobulinski came forward to claim “the big guy” was Joe Biden. But a subsequent email from Hunter says his “Chairman” gave him “an emphatic no,” and a further email clarifies that the chairman is his dad. So for me, at the end of the day, unless the FBI can uncover what is on the actual hard drive and it can be proven to be criminal then I'm all for bringing those involved to justice. Otherwise, a huge nothing burger.
  6. Anyone know what GSH means?

    All I could find that might fit context is no to Giant Sweat Hogs, ie, no fat guys. But I'd ask her in a subtle way.
  7. Title- thus is 1938

    Someone posted something like this on Fox News commentary section. Someone else commented on that OP, "This comparison to the Holocaust is not clever, not funny, and not even interesting. It's totally disgusting". I concur with the comment there and here.
  8. In the spirit of this forum, please keep detail records of your trip and report occasionally. I for one would appreciate some insight in case I want to trek there as well.
  9. A quote from Betty White; RIP Betty.

  10. Texting Mistake :(

    Probably too late but my company email went through a similar thing couple weeks ago. A person about to retire sent out a farewell to everyone in our district. There was an almost immediate reply from a legitimate recipient that was weird and creepy. About half day later, the recipient sent out a legitimate email to all saying that her email account was hacked and she was working with our IT to find and fix the problem. Not sure if this was true or not but it created doubt in my mind. Good luck.
  11. Will the Bush ever come back

    Armpit? No. Landing strip? Yes.
  12. RIP Victoria Paris

    Never heard of her.
  13. Anybody miss Trump yet?

    I remember reading several opinions before the election that questioned if Biden really wanted the job or not. The opinants concluded that he didn't want the job but here we are. Like the OP, I too would like to know not only who is running the country but who talked Biden into running in the first place. The answer to the latter question might provide an answer to the first question. Never really a fan of Trump but, in a sort of Saddam Hussein kind of way, he provided some amount of stability for America in terms of common sense immigration, healthy and vibrant economy, some amount of law and order (which seems to be completely missing now), and so on. I voted Libertarian, but in hindsight, I probably should have pinched my nose, closed my eyes, and pulled for Trump.
  14. Norm McDonald

    I think the sketch was fine without French.
  15. Norm McDonald

    Dude, loved his impersonation of Burt Reynolds. I'm going to binge watch all the SNL episodes featuring him as Reynolds. RIP Norm.