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  1. Backpage escort section gone

    Do I checked it this morning and it was up, not sure exactly when but it now says "Censored" on all adult links like escorts and body rubs. They say they were forced to takedow. Wonder if this will drive traffic to Eccie and here? If it does I hope we don't get all those fake ads here!
  2. Dang I wish law enforcement would focus more on real crime reather than who I pay to have sex with me. I mean really nothing we do is considered wrong until you associate money with it. Now I do understand them and going after human traffickers or those pimping out or attempting to solicite underage girls. But outside that leaves us alone!
  3. Jordan nevah

    She is super legit...one of my favorites! I give her Two thumbs up!
  4. Having problem posting reviews

    Ok maybe I'm overreacting a bit. But a few months ago I submitted a review for Deja (thicker latina new to the scene...has not posted in a while). Anyway I got through the entire review process, confirmed the review and waited for it to post online. I know it takes time for the moderators to get through them all. Anyway fast forward a week or two and nothing. I was going to write the review again but I was like who cares not a big deal. It was not a great or bad review for the girl more middle of the road. Anyway fast forward to today, I had a great time with a provider and I wanted to post a review while it's still fresh in my head. Did the whole review posted it and got the standard e-mail to confirm so it can be reviewed by the moderators. Anyway the problem now is I have not got that e-mail. Maybe I'm impatient but it's been about 20 mins or longer now. Would think it would come through. I tested sending messages from another e-mail address to my review e-mail and I had no issues. That came in fine...so there is either something wrong or simply a LOT of latency with TOB Reviews sending me that confirmation e-mail. Is this occurring with anyone else or just me? Maybe it's an issue with Yahoo? IDK but it is frustrating!
  5. Brennyn

    Yup I agree she is legit, I had a GREAT time with her.
  6. Who is the best at French in your experience?

    Think I will have to check out Chey! Sounds VERY interesting!
  7. Who is the best at French in your experience?

    Wow! If I were in your shows I would have probably said..."can I marry you!?!?" Either way that's what I'm talking about...freaking AWESOME!
  8. Who is the best at French in your experience?

    You know I was actually thinking of both Candi-O and Lucy lately, not sure if Candi-O would like me cause I always have cologne on and her site says she hates it. But for some really good UTF I guess I can go one day without it on right! Thanks for the suggestion!
  9. Lingerie

    I don't care either way.... Lingere is nice so I would not complain about it... at the same time it's all about the service. Give me a girl who can give great head in plain jane clothes over a girl in Lingere who gives a lazy bj any day of the week!
  10. What advertising sites are most viewed?

    1.) Escortboards - My go to source. 2.) BP - Not as reliable but dome good ones there. 3.) Eccie - Seems kegit just not as much activity.
  11. Please TOFTT

    Also her actual web page seems legit and she also have a lot of reviews on TER, so I'm willing to guess that Tomiko is real. To verify the one in Colorado is valid and really her I would contact her via her actual website first and verify she is in the state.
  12. Please TOFTT

    You know I was going to see Tai, I have read good things other places. As for Tomiko I would be interested as well because I like Asian's and well who does not want to try it with a midget (or small person) once. The one pick of that Tomiko looks good, but I'm in the same boat as you. I rather see someone else TOFTT. However unlike you I'm not as interested so if someone does that's awesome, if not no worries for me. Good luck...but also consider that an Asian Midget is kinda a niche and I'm not sure how many are going to TOFTT, either way good luck! ================================================================== Found her reviews like you said on RB: http://www.myredbook.com/showpro.aspx?id=1674418 Found her personal site: http://www.tomikovanita.escortfiles.com/ My only concern is the number she uses in the Backpage ad, it's a local 720 number. But she could be using one of the throw away number services or something.
  13. How Long Is A "New" Picture Considered New?

    IDK...pictures are what gets a guy interested, so when a provider says it's new a guy wants to see it. However on the other side there those who probably NEVER book and only use this as their spank collection. In my opinion I'm not as worried about new as I am about authentic/real. Not so worried on this site but on backpage I swear it looks like 99% of those ads pics are fake. After doing some research I actually find some are legit or appear legit but still have trouble pulling the trigger because I don't want to get arrested. As a wise woman once said "Ain't nobody got time for that!"
  14. ATF just wants DATY and that's it!!

    This kinda reminds me of that movie Saving Silverman where the girl cuts the dude from American Pie off from having sex. In truth the sex is just him going down on her! LOL Anyway I know we all have our ATF's, and because of that we may get tunnel vision. But trust me, you are paying her for a service. If you pay her you should get what ever server you requested or else go pay someone else. Now if your relationship has evolved and you are not paying her and just hanging out and all she wants is for you to go down on her that's a little different.
  15. Who is the best at French in your experience?

    Nice! Thanks for the input, wish I would have to got see her before she retired!