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  1. 411 on Clarissa Clark

    Review submitted. She is 101% the real deal. 10/10 and FTF
  2. 411 on Clarissa Clark

    I have an appointment with Clarissa later today. I will report back and I will certainly review her. Everything looks really solid to me so I have no reservations.
  3. "I have no stomash"?

    To some degree every provider plays the part of who we want or need for them to be, faking O's or comments about our manhood (Oh baby you are SO big), all actors in a play. However some "Russian" and Asian provider's ads and websites seem to have such terrible, broken English I have a hard time believing it can be that bad. Am I being too cynical in thinking that they are giving us what they think we expect from their English?
  4. Might be a silly questions and perhaps previously covered but you are supposed to be 21 to enter EscortBoards so how do under 21 year old providers post their ads? EB allows ladies at least 18 years old to post. Just curious.
  5. After I exit my email I am always taken to the MSN homepage full of news stories and of interest pages. A couple of clicks brought me to this page: Just curious if any of the guys would like to take it on as a personal quest to achieve all 10 positions with 10 different ladies and report back your findings to the Board in the way of reviews. Ladies are there any of these positions that you would not be willing to try? My favorite one to try would have to be the Pogo Stick but I think I would lack the upper body strength.
  6. A simple Google search associates new EB poster JoyToy to Famous Alicia of Bunny Ranch fame. If she is the same person, what is she doing here in Denver using a different name. If it is not her, shouldn't someone tell her that Famous Alicia is using her pictures? I tried to inform her by email but she didn't respond. Sign me "Just trying to help a new provider".
  7. A month ago or so I called a visiting provider. Our schedules were not matching well so I did not make an appointment. Yesterday I received a text from her saying "Hey love, this is ______ come see me, I'm back in Denver". This bothered me in two ways. First of all, even though I was never a client of hers, she kept my phone number. Second she sent me a text out of the blue with no request from me or fore warning. If a SO or co-worker were to see the message I might have some explaining to do. Would this situation bother anyone else?
  8. From a Back Page ad...

    It IS possible that a member of LE would want an appointment as a client - after all we have judges, politicians and even ministers that have been caught with their hands in the hunny jars. Perhaps this ASP doesn't want to see police officers as clients. Odd because I know some girls will give discounts to clients in uniform. Why not a blue uniform? .
  9. Last week in a Twitter Q&A the GM of the Houston Rockets was asked if having a job in Basket Ball made him sick of watching it. His answer was no, it is like being a gynecologist. My question to you is do you ever reach the point where you have seen so much pussy that you are sick of looking at it? .
  10. Most BP providers - followed by an upsale.
  11. Things like (tongue in cheek): Do you like blue or yellow TP in my incall? What is your favorite number between 4 and 12? Do you prefer incalls in Hotels or hotels? So are these attempts to draw attention to herself or am I just being a toad for Halloween?
  12. I know I spend too much time on BP but it can be entertaining and makes me appreciate the EscortBoard's ladies even more. These 4 BP girls' ads all seem to look the same to me, even though they are different. Their Titles all have multiple , state that they are young blondes and all have 100 specials. Inside the ads are 4 obviously different fake pictures, four different phone numbers, all offer 2 girl availability and all have the same location: Denver, Aurora: My analysis is two blonde girls traveling together and sharing a hotel room in Aurora, each has two different phones/numbers and two different aliases each with their own set of fake pictures. Does anyone else see this pattern or am I watching too much Sherlock Holmes on TV? Would anyone be willing to take one for the team and schedule a five-some with all "four" girls?
  13. When I used to use IE, I always had to include the "www" but when I switched to Chrome, it assumed the "www" and always took me to the right website. It seems like after this past weekend's TOB, et all, server maintenance, now "" takes me to an odd graphic. Using "" correctly takes me here. For EscortBoards, either with or without the "www" correctly takes me to the right Board. Is anyone else experiencing this? This is the image I get without the "www": found the same image duplicated on multiple sites, even this interesting variation: It seems to be a Microsoft site.
  14. Hi, 411 on Bailey??

    A simple Google image search indicates more hits than yesterday's Bronco's Seahawks game. How could you even wonder? Yes, tgtbt