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  1. Hot Springs

    Depending on your adventure level - Conundrum Hot Springs. Two day, overnight adventure trip - totally worth it. No comment on your second question https://rootsrated.com/aspen-co/backpacking-camping/conundrum-hot-springs-backpacking
  2. How old are you guys?

    Or a slightly different take - "old enough to repay, young enough to sell" -- Tell Me Why, Neil Young
  3. I'm Not an Axe Murderer.

    One word - P411. Worked for me in a similar situation.
  4. Any info on this fbsm?

    https://www.theeroticreview.com/reviews/show.asp?id=291885 and http://www.preferred411.com/P211279 Quite a lot of info - if it's the same lady, she's legit.

    Australian for conversation
  6. Any info on Trixxy

    P411 is valid - under her name. And links to a few ECCIE reviews as Kassie1111. Good luck!
  7. One of the most prescient posts I've seen on the boards. You nailed it! I've wrestled with these feelings myself - sometimes it's hard