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  1. Big time bait n switch

    1000% her would be ten times as much, maybe she was referring to her gut?
  2. What is the definition of '3gs'?

    3-G is crappy slow cell phone service.
  3. And this year's TOFTT award goes to.....

    I second the Fork nomination.
  4. Visiting ladies

    I've had some of my best times with visiting girls. Seems as if they do well in a given town they come back regularly, you can sometimes see this in their reviews. 3 of my top 5 aren't from here, I look forward to their next visit.
  5. What have you traded for sex?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Melissa Sterling View Post I have a brand new bumper I need put on my mustang....anyone....anyone....LOL So you need your bumper mounted?
  6. All of this and: I do not have a "type", I have seen ladies of varying size, ethnicity, hair color and age. The ones I tend to see again and again are the ones I click with beyond the sex. Personal Hygiene, respect, kindness and a quick wit go a long way. Patience is a virtue, better to take the time to read reviews and allow quality ladies to screen you to be comfortable seeing you than to go after the "quick hit" on BP.
  7. Relationships during/after escorting question

    To the OP, soooo how has it worked out? Your absence on discussions recently is noticeable.
  8. You might be an ASP if.....

    You might be a regular client if: You know DTC hotel addresses and room configurations by heart. The bellman winks at you. There is a parking spot reserved in front. You know the proper angle to avoid the bed banging against the wall.
  9. What do you call your titties?

    Wow Justina, 138! Are you bored?
  10. Favorite Color of Lingerie?

    Black with pink polka-dots is very hot!
  11. For Real

    "What are you wearing, Jake at State Farm?", "Khakis"
  12. No ages on BP

    Can you really believe them anyway?
  13. Top Six Expert Tips for New Girls

    Tips for her from a client's perspective: Only see one client per day, no per week, no just one period, he is the only one that matters. Be ready 24/7 A "half hour" is really more like 70-80 minutes when you factor in the obligatory back rub and small-talk chit chat. Have his favorite snack and beverage ready. Remember, your menu and fee schedule are really just a guideline for "other" clients, not him. Don't even consider having problems of your own or a life or any type of time constraints.
  14. Ebola & The Hobby

    Pandemic? Hardly... IF handled appropriately this SHOULD not spread in America. That said, because of our government's inability to handle almost anything efficiently or appropriately I wouldn't count on it. Only time will tell. Many more pressing fears in the hobby... Political correctness will probably kill us all before Ebola...
  15. Making the switch to WE

    Twice a year, birthday and anniversary. Costs half of everything you have.
  16. Creative titles for the profession.

    SO stunt double Lady of the morning Lady of the day Lady of the afternoon Sperm sampler Exercise machine
  17. Three Strikes, I'm out!

    So you're gonna take your ball and go home? Suck it up! Do your due diligence, show up clean and smelling decent and have a good time. You don't mention the length of sessions but IMO if you're looking for GFE don't be in a rush...
  18. Advice to Providers - How To Improve Your Appeal and Status

    Couldn't agree more about the tv. Had a session ruined by Judge Judy's whiny old hag voice bitching at somebody who owed somebody else money in the background. Another one had some crime-solver show on and talking about burying the bodies in a shallow grave... Very unappealing while trying to have an intimate encounter. I won't go to hotel in calls anymore. Problem solved.
  19. Who is on your fuckit list?

    So easy, gymnast!
  20. What I can't do is deal with math nerds arguing about balls on a discussion board which mainly deals with another kind of balls. I'm afraid this probably doesn't set me apart from too many of us though... On another note I am a pretty good parallel parker.
  21. The Annual TOB Poetry Contest

    Once upon a midnight dreary, While I pondered, weak and weary, Shall I call her? Shall I text? You all know what happens next. I tap the door, she let's me in, Her ass is wide, her waist is thin. Upon the table, donation placed, We get undressed, no time to waste. UTF, K9 and mish D A T Y, she is delish Our time is up, and I must go She walks me out and locks the do' Some might say that she's a 'ho I say thank you, for the O...
  22. My new review system

    Relief pitcher/pinch hitter: girl likes to have someone else take care of business while husband/bf is away.
  23. My new review system

    Ladies and gentlemen, my new review system fills in some of the gaps in the rip-off, bad, average, very good, fantastic system... Hit by pitch: got robbed and beaten by pimp or duped by ho's Strike out: not good at all for a variety of reasons Walk: not the girl in the pictures or was but terrible attitude, got off anyway Single: maybe old pictures but actually the girl and ok session Double: accurate pics and decent time, 3G Triple: same as very good Home run: fantastic with very little room for improvement Grand slam: still haven't experienced this, outta this world! Ladies, bring it! I'm thinking about adding in the park home run and foul ball but just not feelin' it right now... Funny thing is I don't even like baseball...