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  1. What's the deal with all the users posting only to get people to join and follow them on only fans. It's starting to ruin The Other Board. If I was interested in only fans I would be on only fans not the other board.
  2. Please, stop asking....

    If anything I would expect prices to go up for reasons such as, hazard pay, lots of workers quite, strip clubs and AMP's fell behind on there exorbitant property taxes and the ones that re-opened are scaring off all there customers since they are considered spas and are now required to have customers sign in with there full name, address, a symptoms sign off sheet, secondary emergency contacts, and all employees have to were masks like at a gym, and many services are no longer offered and lets face it they are very lucky the CDC and our governor hasn't tried to use them as a scape-goat in the political blame game. Really shocked anyone would be dumb enough to think they could ask for a discount. Not to mention this virus issue has made me very picky and personally I've never felt comfortable with the cheaper more available anyway. The primary reason to go on TOB or online in general is to find better quality.
  3. Has anyone ever been contacted by an escort when not looking for such on a personal non-anonymous account via social media? I was recently contacted through Facebook messenger, which I couldn't find any references or documentation of her on any other websites EM, p411, TOB, google search of phone and name etc. It was very strange to be contacted this way it seemed legitimate in the since that it would be entrapment, she seeked me out not the other way around. I steered clear to be safe and am fairly protective of my privacy. Just wondering what you all think about this.