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  1. Trinidad/ Raton Area

    waiting on another snowstorm
  2. Trinidad/ Raton Area

  3. Raton Pass / Trinidad

    Occasionally the OH2 board would send a few a year thru here, too bad its on the fritz lately.
  4. Raton Pass / Trinidad

    Absolutely not, I have no misconceptions about the process or the expectations Nor do I expect anyone to work for less I am just trying to keep the thread alive, and get something going so I don't have to travel to COS as often With 30 Dispos in a town of 8000 there is a lot of traffic from canna tourism occasionally the stars align
  5. Raton Pass / Trinidad

    Come visit Trinidad or stop by on the way thru and earn a stack
  6. Hwy NM lets use this site.

    Still no action!
  7. Trinidad/ Raton Area

    New year New Me
  8. Trinidad/ Raton Area

    Holiday Travelers?
  9. Raton Pass / Trinidad

    Any ladies traveling thru for the Holidays?
  10. Trinidad/ Raton Area

    That the reason I hurled this out there, still waiting on a traveler
  11. Trinidad/ Raton Area

    The posibility of Colorado Companion With all the growth and population influx into TDAD, there ought to be a few providers passing thru, or laying low Any girls down south? Looking for a regular thing with a SoCo hottie, or a Northern NM Gal Anyone out there