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  1. 411 Catarina from Eros

    I bet this one and Amina are using separate ads but are the same person. You'll likely meet a hot Russian brunette that looks similar to both of them, but are neither. As always with the Russians it seems to be a crap shoot, I've great experiences and I've had terrible experiences.
  2. Anyone seen Bianca

    I've texted and gotten no responses back .
  3. 411 on Jersey from STG

    A beautiful nymph - Jersey - Looks pretty legit as far as a STG ad goes. Anyone know anything about this beauty?
  4. 411 request on Malena

    I 2nd this. Saw her last night. I was about to lose all hope on the Russians, but she has restored my faith. I plan to repeat at least once more. All is safe with her unless you want the upsell. I usually don't love cbj, but it didn't matter with her. Amazing
  5. 411 on Paige

    I agree with @ilovewomen. "Base" rate scares me, but she is damn fine. Let us know if you decide to toftt
  6. Aspen for Eros

    Aspen 928-267-8257 Colorado Companion Anyone seen this young lady around? Looks TGTBT, but sometimes I'm wrong....
  7. 411 on STG Redhead

    Azhli 720-285-3804 Colorado Companion I've seen this girl posting for a while now. Mostly in CO Springs, but recently in Denver. I've tried to meet up with her a couple of times, but something always comes up with her last minute. Wondering if anyone here has tried to meet her as well? Success? or Failure. The chase is addictive sometimes......
  8. *new* need a recommendation for hot young gal

    Ashlee Black from Tryst
  9. 411 STG anyone seen this one

    I've seen her. She's nice, pics are accurate, she's game for all of it as well, communication is less than ideal though. There was one interesting dilemma regarding her security which many would've ran out for, but for me it was all good. PM me for details.
  10. Secret Companions

    I saw Anita last week. I think it is the new privilege. Pictures weren't accurate in my experience, but someone else here referred them to me and said they've had good experiences. I thought that it was meh..... typical Russian experience, shower first, not GFE, not a great attitude, lots of rules. Ice cold. I'd be curious if you keep your appt as Margo looks pretty nice. I'm sure you'll go there and meet a lady and get it done, but that's all I can promise.
  11. 411 on Laylalovely

    I connected with her a few months back. She's real, but her pics are quite old. Nice enough young lady, super sketchy hotel though.
  12. 411 on AshleyFoxx

    Ashley Foxx 530-628-3582 Colorado Companion AshleyFoxx on PD > Looks TGTBT, but somehow this 20 year old has 498 reviews?! Something seems fishy to me, but hot damn she is gorgeous. Any thoughts from the gallery?
  13. Molly Taylor from Eros

    The girl I saw had no tattoos, I guess I didn't study these photos as much as I should've. She wasn't bad looking by any means, if you're into moles she'd be a great one.
  14. Molly Taylor from Eros

    Just an FYI for ya'll. I was feeling adventurous the other night and TOFTT with Molly. Typical Russian provider (or at least my typical experience). Upscale hotel, Shower first, everything is covered even though they claim GFE, and just a little bit more than 3G...... Is she the girl in the pics? Possibly, but not definitely. Most likely just a very similar looking person..... Just as I've found in the past.
  15. Ashlee Black on Tryst?

    She's real, no photo shop. Good stuff for sure. I'm hopeful that posting this doesn't make her too unavailable for me, but I feel like its the right thing to do for the boys on the board. Gotta take care of each other. PM me for more. I'm going to try to make a review, but I don't know exactly how to do that yet for someone who isn't on here.... (I also haven't tried yet, so if its trivial, don't judge me for being an idiot)