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  1. Too be cont...... handles

    I've been on a bit of a hiatus that started before all the SOFTA (sp) stuff and the lockdown of P411-- which I forgot to renew and now am no longer a member. I relied on P411 a LOT. I never referred to TOB when booking, so I never used a handle or even referred to the board. I know the usual rule of thumb "YMMV" applies as in all things, but trends still form. Has the board and handles and "reputation" become more of a norm for screening? (I assume references still rule the day.)
  2. Apologies

    This is an excellent point.
  3. Apologies

    This is pure speculation and may not apply here, but some providers have very, very compartmentalized lives. Their social activities here are strongly fire-walled off from the real world. I've run in to this a few times where causal, mutually enjoyable chit-chat stops suddenly, then just as a suddenly restarts. One person took a new job in a new town & after a couple of months of radio silence, I heard from her about the move & that she'd retired. We still keep in touch a little bit. Another time, family was in town for a couple weeks. Life.
  4. It's a Business

    This works only if the provider is good at this "text marketing." If, between "keeping in touch" messages, they accidentally send a client a text* discussing their next heroin score, that's not a great look. (*true story)
  5. Deep thoughts

    Probably true...the only problem is when you reach to shake someone's hand there is one in it.
  6. Would you be offended

    Late to the topic, but a reminder "You can freshen up there." (points to lav) is great. Even after being in this adventure for a number of years, I get a little distracted and forget sometimes. I'm completely in favor of anything, within reason, that makes a provider more comfortable and that can help create a "mutually enjoyable encounter." (I draw the line at wearing a paper bag over my head. It gets really hard to breathe in one of those things...errr, so I'm told.)
  7. Where to keep the supplies?

    One of my favorite providers & long since retired :- ( kept her supplies under the pillow. Out of sight, but easy to reach. Another provider, who was excellent in every way, but who I only saw once, had a bowl of candy at the door, a glass full of toothbrushes in the bathroom and a wicker bowl of condoms on the nightstand... Very tastefully done, but as Bora said, it kind of takes the edge off the "fantasy" part. I mean...ya know...
  8. I wonder if anyone else would find it useful to have an option to display listings for providers tagged as "favorites" in a user's profile? Might this be covered by an plug-in with a little tweaking or by adding, if available, a "favorite" option in the advanced search field? The reason for this request is that, as of about ten seconds ago, there were just under 300 listings (six pages of 50 each) for the past 24 hours. While variety and activity in the community is a good thing, (eh?) I'm not as adventurous as I once was and just want to see what the providers I'm interested in meeting are posting. Thanks for considering it.
  9. Quality massage?

    Might have come up in search results?
  10. Am I the only one who wonders....

    I would prefer if reviews had no "naughty details." I have found that they are wildly subjective. I'm not saying that what happened between the reviewer and the providers isn't what happened. But, I have learned that my experience will be different. Not worse or bad, just different. But, it is tough to not have preconceived notions from a review or reviews. I'm not blaming reviewers. They're helpful and useful -- even if not always popular with providers. I wonder if there is a way to split reviews where the fairly objective, logistical details are in one section, then the commentary is in aonther that can be accessed via a "Read more..." link?
  11. Fair warning to the ladies...

    I think the consensus is that he use of "Daddy" is generally a no go. I think I'm in the minority when it comes to another phrase: "Baby." I know it is very commonly and innocently used -- especially by folks from the south. Yet, it can be a red flag for me. (I haven't spent time decoding why it tends to bug me. I blame Al Davis....) Well, this topic had run its course and I don't think this post is a way to revive it.
  12. All Time Favorites?

    My guy's favorites? I haven't asked him... //goes to the basement// "Hey, Gimp...gotta question for you." (Is that what you meant?)
  13. Insight

    oh, just saw the comment from Phil-anderer. d'oh.
  14. Insight

    Texas is the second-most populated state in the country (behind California.) Per capita, they probably have as many trolls and jerks as any other state. But, the chances of running across one are much greater because there are just more of them. The same would be true with nice Texans.

    Cloudflare, their host, booted them. They’ve moved to a new provider. “Switter moved to a new content delivery network (CDN), which Assembly Four declined to name for security reasons.”