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  1. You know what, after reading that, I was going to try to be logical and repeat the usual explanations about this situation. But, no, fuck it. Do you feel like a big, powerful hombre when you call someone a "frightened mouse" because they're doing responsible things to help keep themselves, their families, and strangers just a little bit safer during this shit show that's killing 3,000 people a day? Is that it? You're like, just really super wise to the ways of the world unlike every fucking body else, eh? You know RISK, right? Eat it for breakfast. You're just out there fucking killing it every day on the mean streets unlike all of us sheeple hiding under our beds? Right? Nobody knows the grind like you know it? Okay, boomer. Nine months of hearing this sort of idiocy over & over again and I'm fucking done with it. Congratulations, you just publicly failed an IQ test. Grow the fuck up.
  2. CoVid and providers

    I can't get past potentially giving it so someone else. My work won't let me stay out of public and I'm often assigned to risky areas, so I do my best to be careful. It is a drag. But, fuck, there are 3,000 people a day dying. Not a joke. Many, many more getting sick, some with aftereffects that they don't know will ever clear up. (And now there is research indicating that ED might be an issue. ///Every TOB'er suddenly puts on a mask or two! ha.///) I sort of just consider folks temporarily radioactive. Keep a bit of distance, don't hang out too long and hopefully, I won't catch it, kill grandma and my dick won't break. (oh, didn't mean to mention Mr. Happy and granny in the same sentence....) So, nope, out of the hobby for the duration. But, as soon as they jab me with the vax, there is a long list of folks who are going to get tired of seeing me. Ha.
  3. Longest delay in communication

    The real problem is the part about passing out fully clothed first....
  4. Longest delay in communication

    This sounds like story time?
  5. Trying to catch up with the hobby vs the virus & this thread is an interesting snapshot/timeline/progression.
  6. Stay healthy and active!

    Close, sustained contact transmits it... I think the above is the definition of this. Sorry, Pit.
  7. Stay healthy and active!

    I truly feel for the providers who may be seeing appointments drastically decrease (as I've had almost all my assignments for the next two months cancelled, so any visits for me are off the table for quite some while.) I wonder -- for their sake -- if there was a way for folks who can still afford to engage, but chose (wisely) not do, to "pre-pay" as gr8owl suggest? Maybe folks can arrange with their ATF or similar trusted companions for a non-expiring gift certificate? Perhaps a provider could offer a discount! (I know, I know...dangerous territory discussing rates.) Just a thought... Good luck everyone. Wash your hands and follow the latest recommendations from the CDC/WHO. (Seriously, do it.)
  8. Donation inquiries

    Thank you, everyone, for your replies and insight.
  9. Greetings, Searched the forum a little, but I didn't see any recent posts on this topic. So, here goes. With the (somewhat) recent restrictions in ad and website content, I find that it is a bit difficult to determine a providers requested donation -- especially if they are not on P411. (That seems to still have donation information usually.) Are folks finding that, due to the changes I mentioned, a gentle inquiry about donations is no longer taboo? I've been out of the game for a few years and trying to get a handle on how things have changed. Many thanks. Yogi
  10. I feel unworthy…

    The consensus seems to be courteous and clean beats gussied up. But, if you're still itching to upgrade, I'd suggest -- don't laugh -- a trip to Costco. Seriously, they have a nice selection of Oxfords and khakis that will get you out the door for less than $40-50.00 and they're perfectly fine for making a solid, inexpensive "hobby uniform" hang it in the closet and boom you're set. Just a thought.
  11. Sooo Slowwww

    Do you go to the grocery story and shoplift, then brag about it? That's pretty much what this is here. In my earlier post, I said I wasn't picking on you, but now I am. If you want the product, then pay for it. If not, don't steal it.
  12. Sooo Slowwww

    Or you could pay for a subscription? Ironic to see this in a thread where furious comments abound about how inappropriate it is to be a cheapskate when it comes to providers. Sorry, don't intend to specifically pick on you, Kali & Rick. This circumvention of paywalls is a widespread practice, but those articles do not get produced for free either.
  13. Sooo Slowwww

  14. Quick note and goodbye

    Best of luck, A. ....sigh....
  15. Too be cont...... handles

    I've been on a bit of a hiatus that started before all the SOFTA (sp) stuff and the lockdown of P411-- which I forgot to renew and now am no longer a member. I relied on P411 a LOT. I never referred to TOB when booking, so I never used a handle or even referred to the board. I know the usual rule of thumb "YMMV" applies as in all things, but trends still form. Has the board and handles and "reputation" become more of a norm for screening? (I assume references still rule the day.)