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  1. 411 on Amanda Sorrento

    This is all kinda cracking me up honestly! Lol.
  2. 411 on Amanda Sorrento

    You can find a few OLD reviews on TER... I really don't encourage them much anymore...
  3. Interactions with providers in public

    you handled it PERFECTLY!
  4. Anyone Look Into These Two?

    I feel like any provider that has to bad mouth another provider or escorts in general is bad news. To assume all escorts are drug addicts is sh*tty and shows an absolute ignorance to what this hobby is all about. Also, I love the photo lookup someone else on this thread did, I think it shows that they are scammers.

    Welcome to the dark side! We have cookies!
  6. Slowww!

    I love this! Very smart business! And yes... thank God for regulars.
  7. Since We Went All Pussy & Stuff—-a feel good story

    What a GREAT story! It restores my faith in humanity to hear this! I left my wallet at Coors Field when I was purchasing an adult beverage. I didn't realize it until the next day. Yup, my wallet, ALL of my credit cards and my cash was there! I practically cried.
  8. Fall is almost here! Favorite things about fall!

    The cooling off with the weather so I can break out my sweaters! Yup, boring! lol
  9. Incall vs. Outcall

    This is REALLY helpful! I'm trying to figure out which direction to go and when/where to set up an incall or share with another gal. It's been interesting to find out what locals prefer.
  10. Incall vs. Outcall

    I really appreciate the input! It’s helpful getting my feet wet in the industry again. Thank you so much!
  11. Incall vs. Outcall

    Question for the gentlemen of the board: Is incall or outcall preferable?
  12. New to the board, just wanting to say "Hi"

    Thank you so much all! I was a member about 10/11 years ago! It's great to be back!
  13. New to the board, just wanting to say "Hi"

    Right Hunter? It took a bit, but I’m excited to be here! 😘
  14. New to the board, just wanting to say "Hi"

    Hello all and happy Friday! I am new to TOB and super excited to be a part of this community! Have a fabulous labor day weekend! Kisses, A