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  1. Anyone have any info?

    Had a session with Kiara / Chiara. She is really cute. Very nice. She was upfront about nothing illegal. Gave me a range that encompassed a massage with lingerie on to fully nude with mutual touch. I went with the whole package. Her massage was excellent. Really worked some sore spots. It is however, help yourself with the finish while she rubs all over you ...
  2. When you see a provider/client out in the public?

    I have run into providers a number of times. A couple that I recognized but hadn’t booked yet. One of them was in the elevator of a high rise in downtown Denver. She was with a guy headed up to his place. I just smiled to myself. Another time I saw one at the farmers market that I knew well, I was with my wife so just gave a little nod as we walked by. Another time I was eating lunch by myself, working on my computer and a provider that I know well walked in and past me with a guy to sit out on the patio. She came back a few minutes later, gave me a hug and chatted for a few minutes. Before I left, I had the waiter bring me their check and I covered it for their meal and drinks and then slipped out.
  3. Question for providers as well as gents.

    Well you officially informed (and scared) me enough to go get tested. I never thought about asymptomatic oral STD’s/STI’s cause if I have something I definitely have no idea and no symptoms. Thanks for that 😩
  4. Milking table?

  5. Milking table?

    SydneySol who advertises on PD has one