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  1. Shae Dechantelli??

    I was too busy to make an appt. when she was in Denver. Now I'm kicking myself. Her twitter was red hot, too bad she nuked it. Glad she's still out there, somewhere, though.
  2. Interactions with providers in public

    A young lady I used to see regularly at a strip club also worked at a grocery store. Checked out in her lane once and smiled at her, she winked at me. That was the end of the interaction and I think both of us wanted to just leave it at that. Seems like common sense.
  3. Slowww!

    The clubs have really gone downhill in Denver. It's $$$ to get in the door, then more $$$ to get into the private dance area, then $30-$40 a song. The clubs aren't kept clean, and they aren't kept staffed with dancers. I've seen empty stages on a Saturday night. It's a complete joke. Even the "instant/convenience" factor is barely worth it anymore because there is ZERO discretion or privacy practiced -- they now scan your ID when you come in, sometimes leaving your mug up on the screen with your full name for everyone to see until the next ID is scanned. And for all that intrusiveness, it still seems like there is violence in a strip club parking lot about every six months somewhere in Denver. I think the younger people are just using apps for hookups and the older people (like me) are doing the hobby. Strip clubs are just becoming a novelty for bachelor parties and other group activities -- and those creepy dudes who just want to pay a cover and sit off-stage the whole night and take in a free show. Dancers just love those dudes. Even the girls seem unenthused to be there. It used to be that they had some hustle and would put on some seduction from the stage and try to sell you a private dance. Now they seem bored to be there, like they're waiting for someone who isn't you. It doesn't surprise me in the least that they struggle to pull $1000 nights. I shudder to think what they are paying in stage fees nowadays to the ever-greedier owners.
  4. Whe can I see the tell-tale signs of fall?

    Early fall here starts around the second week of September, when the overnight lows start to get into the 50s and then 40s. The trees start to change shortly thereafter. Usually right around Halloween is the first snowfall. Leaf-raking season is generally October/November. But expect plenty of nice days outside well into November.