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  1. Aunt Flo

    I had this happen to me recently , I scheduled with someone ive been wanting to meet for a while. I show up and we are about to get down and she tells me shes out of rubbers but i should settle for a bj. At the same time i caught a glimpse of a box tampons under the table opened . Coincidence i think not lol. I was bummed she tried to hustle me for the full price.
  2. Just introducing myself here

    You are awesome!
  3. Netflix and chill type of experience

    I know i guess i learned my lesson 😅
  4. Guy's Do You Prefer Selfies Or Professional Pics

    Selfies for sure.
  5. Netflix and chill type of experience

    Yes i totally agree thanks for the advice!
  6. Genesee Marie in GJ

    Definitely photoshopped pics. Will not repeat again. And not because of the photoshopped pictures....
  7. So im new to this site but so far im really diggin it! Im new to the hobby and my first 2 and only experiences really made me feel ripped off i used another site that had no review system just posts and pics. But i think im ready to plunge back in!!. Any 1 had an overnight date or a 3-4 hr date that was more like drinks netflix and fun?... was it worth it? Was it akward ?. Im coming to the Denver area and have been thinking about something like this.