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  1. All I Want

    Someone needs to spend some time with a lady…😄
  2. All I Want

    No problem at all! :-) Just hoping for any discreet providers who love to perform, love to pleasure, and love the outcome and how (or rather where) it’s achieved. My experience is a mixed bag. I’ve made note of (and in some cases friendships with) the amazing women who are skilled and enjoy the act. Personally, I find these ladies to be so much more easy-going and relaxed. But that is only my perspective. A lot of these wonderful friends are discreet, and don’t want to be known in the community JUST for this act. Thus, not a lot of reviews.
  3. All I Want

    I’m having luck, and a lot of fun in my quest. definitely isn’t all in the reviews. Several ladies that I’ve been fortunate to begin these professionally, deeply personal relationships with, have defined what I’d call a true “Fellatrix”. Though the act itself can be performed by anyone, I submit that it is the love for providing this particular pleasurable act, and more so the relationship that such a provider creates with her client, that elevates the experience and qualifies the term. This may not be generally understood, known, practiced, or whatever. But much like you have pro doms and dominatrices of varying skills and talents, I think that the very best are the ones who really know what they’re doing to “bring out the best” from their client.
  4. All I Want

    The posibility for Colorado Companion I really am pretty easy to please. A rub, and/or a really really good blowjob. I’m seeking out a real lady who can do this. Not a blow n go specialist. I’m wishing for a woman who, surprisingly, loves to perform this amazing act of erotic rapture to completion. A true fellatrix who explores my body with her lips and tongue, and knows the variations of pressure and tempo and all of the sensations to deliver. She makes love to me with her mouth and accepts all of my pleasure without pause, and moans softly in her own sense of ecstasy while doing so, because my release is her symphony. Anyone know a gal?
  5. Regulars Grandfathered Rates

    Meh - okay, whatever. No need to argue with a woman. Especially one like yourself.
  6. Regulars Grandfathered Rates

    Relax, it was just sarcasm. If a lady increases her rates, she just better be worth it. Those grandfathers are on fixed incomes..
  7. Regulars Grandfathered Rates

    Forget grandfathered rates. Single dad rates should be created since they’re already being taken to the cleaners by their ex. And while we’re all getting chafed, why not bring up price matching too. Also, can’t wait to see what the Amazon and Walmart of escorting look like…
  8. Weird

    Couldn’t agree more. These are purely “transactional” relationships. As a one who’s experienced the infatuation and fantasy of having an actual relationship with an escort, I’ll say, “Don’t do it for love, because your idea of love ain’t the same as theirs. Go for it if you have plenty of money to burn and don’t care if she don’t care”. There’s a lot of wealthy men who want to enjoy the luxury of a woman’s company and body, without the trappings of mutual exclusivity and commitment.
  9. Why call anyone out? The guy already sounded repentant. No need to jump anyone’s case.
  10. This is such bullsh*t. It’s not 100% on either party. The man is owning his part, and seeking solace on the board. The lady probably is also owning her part but doesn’t need to discuss it and that’s her choice. ‘Nuf said! For those pro ballers out there, gotta figure you’ve made some kind of mistake - thinking you’re “the one”, thinking “I can trust this lady to give her a deposit”, or “sure do an out all to my place”. So many situations that have gotten f’ed up, we could publish a Worst Case Scenario book just on the hobby! But no need to come at him with this one-sided “man, you messed up” BS. He knows that. But don’t be some pussy whose afraid to call a lady out on her bullshit, too.
  11. I Feel This

    Didn’t lose a million but damn I feel the pain of being used...
  12. Oh my God....not again....

    We’ve always had plenty of nut jobs, but we haven’t always had as many firearms as there are now. Same goes with cars. We’ve always had stupid ignorant people but before cars they would just fall off a horse or get kicked in the head, or shot by someone who is both intelligent and sane. Now we’ve got imbeciles who think 225 is a raceway and they’re in The Fat and The Furriest, and semi-pseudo-gangsta-militia wannabes, and Boy Scout/ROTC/Hamburger Hillbillies, and depressed GTA/Roblox/Minecraft/porn and social media trolls and all the variations thereof, all of which are on prescribed or stolen and otherwise illegal meds feeling like it’s them against the world. Have we had it too easy and that’s turning us into murderers? No. That’s turned a bunch of people into entitled spoiled pussies. But not murderers. The people who are killing are deranged and fucked up because they feel totally isolated and helpless and victimized, not entitled, self-aggrandized and egocentric. And gun manufacturers are making more guns now than ever before.
  13. Rising asset prices

    The prices are high to make the guys think a little more rationally. A lot of ladies aren’t worth even the $100 qv, while others are easily worth more than the $1000+ for their time. Like any other purchase or product or service, you decide if it’s worth it, then do it or don’t. Or negotiate. Some ladies may be amenable to a lower rate, but that’s between you two. But I doubt that pissing and whining is going to cause any business woman on this board to suddenly think, “Wow, this guy is right! My prices are too high! I should ask for less and do more work!” But if there are any hot ladies who are passionate about doing this work for cheap, please private message my inbox immediately.
  14. Connoisseur Of The Oral Artist

    In all seriousness TakeItOutOnMe, there are some true bbbj pros who love giving head. And a lot of other ladies who are discreet about it but after some time will “open up”. I think your approach is hilarious and, hopefully successful. If it is, let me know.
  15. This one never gets old! Merry Christmas