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  1. 411 on Ada Ames

    Real, seen her once. Posted review.
  2. Animal Parts

    What is with all the cartoon dog and cat ears/noses/whiskers being superimposed on provider ad pics these days? It's obviously just in fun, so by all means, ladies, if the spirit moves you, go for it. I just thought I'd pass along that for me, it reminds me of the cute little girls in high school who were all tease and no action. So it carries a negative feeling as I look at ad pics. Other opinions?
  3. Gray area

    To me, rip-offs would include stealing money and/or grossly misrepresenting appearance, services and rates in advertising. All else falls between the really good and really bad service category. IMHO all the really good experiences are the ones where both parties are interested in and execute an honest (within the boundaries of required privacy) personal interaction.
  4. False Images..

    Truth in advertising is my operative advice. ... although how about this: "these are not my real pics for security reasons, but they are representative, and if you are not fully satisfied when I open the door, please feel free to walk away at no obligation." ...or ""these are not my real pics for security reasons, but they are representative. After screening I will be happy to PM you some genuine pics." OK, plenty of gotchas there too -- but wouldn't it be nice if there were guarantees on both sides that everyone would be a straight shooter, and that ladies didn't have to worry about creepy weirdos showing up?
  5. A lesson the Hateful Ladies and Men...

    Here's hoping she recovers the full judgment. He is the worst of the worst and no punishment is enough for the willful and despicable actions he committed.
  6. Asian lady ads

    Have also noticed the proliferation of Asian ads ... seemingly more than I can ever recall. Just hope most are not North Korean trafficking enterprises.
  7. Wierd review terminology

    OMG ... poking fun at review expressions is fertile ground for discussion. How about the guys who like to post long, blow-by-blow, 50 shades of grey novels? How about the "treat her well ..." ones (kind goes without saying, doesn't it ... unless you wanna be blacklisted or jailed). And how many "ATF's" can one have? In reality, though, writing reviews is tough because it's a fine balance between accuracy and respect for reputation and privacy. Besides, who can write coherently after basking jello-like in your own drool following a great session?
  8. Last Day, Leaving Town Soon Ads?

    It has never had much appeal to me as a general incentive to pick up the phone ... except if it happens to be a lady that I REALLY wanted to see and thought she might not return soon. But that exception tends to be rare for me. In fact, the leaving town tag line usually creates an image in my mind of "your mind is elsewhere and you just want to pick up some extra cash" before you blow outta town. Yep, I know that it's all a fantasy biz ... and I understand that the tag line might be intended to invoke the principle of scarcity and naturally to drum up some billable hours before leaving, but I like the encounter that at least has the illusion that the lady's mind is all on you. For that reason, I don't like the "see me before ..." tag line.
  9. ED (erectile dysfunction) help

    Generic sildenafil is now available in US. If you can get or have a prescription, you can Google GoodRx and print a discount coupon good at several pharmacy chains which can get you down to about $2-$3 per 100 mg dose.
  10. Hotel or Outcall?

    Outcall is very limiting client-wise. For FBSM incalls, my preference is private studio. Hote might be limiting for this type service.
  11. Schedules!

    I am an early morning guy, so a 6, 7 or 8am works fine for me. Great way to start the day!
  12. One and done or multiple visits?

    I will repeat with ladies with whom the first visit was very good or better. But good first impressions are a must. Pet peeves are deceptive pics, lack of respect for my time, 3Gs, no shows.
  13. Perfume or not ?

    Perfume only if shower is available for the obvious reasons.
  14. Provider Pleasure

    Definitely more fun if I know the fun is mutual!
  15. Did Scarlett exit the scene?

    She also recently added "no married men" to conditions.