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  1.   Ok ladies this one is after a topic I saw on Twitter,  do you avoid being on top???  I saw a tweet where a lady was bragging about the many ways she would avoid being on top and the number of women joining in with the excuses as to why they don't do it.


  2. I understand your frustration with NCNS and last minute calls, as a self employed mechanic for longer than I care to admit I know none of my customers would even think about paying a deposit, ( Hell most dont even want to pay diagnostic when they dont fix the car).  

    I would not ever pay a deposit


    Just my 2 cents


  3. Jen,

    I can see how someone could fall in love with a client, (god knows many customer have fallen in love with a provider, including  my self.)

    The young lady I still have a soft spot for retired from this and moved in with me for a bit until the newly  wed bliss wore off. She has since moved on and out. We still bump into each other once in a while ( God I miss her Sunday pancakes).


    Sorry your guy ripped you off, Good friends someyimes are the best



  4. Chrissy,  you have to remember if providers call out to many of us guys in public we might get out feelings hurt.   Lol


    I am sorry this is happening to you. There is always someone that thinks respect is a oneway street.


    Good luck


  5. 1 hour ago, Lucy Kitten said:

    That bitch did her job as first lady. I guess all your shitty sexual indiscretions are the fault of your woman too?

    What shitty sexual indescretions??