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  1. Newbie

    Welcome!!!! Enjoy your self
  2. 4th of July

    Happy 4th to all Please stay safe and please no drunk driving
  3. Asian Providers?

    Is Nomi still around? I haven't seen her post in a long time?
  4. Exaggeration

    With the excess of bad reviews why would he keep seeing girls, I can imagine want to keep in this hobby if I was that unhappy with everyone I saw
  5. So after reading Justina's post on "50 things I think about when going down" What do women prefer men do with their hands while you are going down?? I know some women are worried about a man holding their heads down there and making them choke or gag. Some women don't care, some don't want you touching them. Just curious
  6. GREEK: GFE or PSE?

    I would say a combo do to some girls like it and enjoy it. I think its hard to limit this to just PSE Just my .02
  7. Real Name First & Last

    Come on!!!! Do providers give their real name??? Why is it that you expect one standard from a client and you would have a different set of standards for you? I can see wanting to check someone, but check them with the name other providers have used. There is a reason men don't want to give "real name and numbers" nobody wants a bat shit crazy girl calling and wrecking their life This is NOT rocket science
  8. I NEVER answer a call from a blocked number. It only seems right that a provider does not calls from a blocked number, why would a client want calls from a blocked number? Maybe you should get a burner phone so you don't have to block your number LOL
  9. 411 on Taylor BP?

    Taylor Has several reviews on TOB. Some good and some not good Good luck
  10. That is so funny, I have always wondered about that. Good post Justina
  11. There is SOOOO Much wrong with this.... First off a guy at the door??? Second old fat and on oxygen How the hell did he even get it up? with all that said he let ram a finger up there??? WTF
  12. South Aurora/Centennial Provider recommendations

    Really this is simple, DO ANY RESEARCH I am not trying to be an ass but the answer is very easy to find with or If you check either site and dont find what you need you will find links to a dozen other places to check
  13. Downtown (16th street mall) incall providers?

    With the OP having many post he should be able to do very easy search and find his answer
  14. rough weekend vent

    Plus one with^^^^ I know it sucks but i have had to reschedule on short notice also. I had to cancel once on my way to an appointment due to a blue hair not seeing me or my Harley next to her
  15. Asian GFE recomendation

    Dave this is a BOLD first post! Maybe you need to do your research. You can find a bunch of information with in 5 min or less Just my .02
  16. Good Morning , Are you tired of not getting the love you need and want? For the low, low, cheap at twice the price you can spend a loving hour with the man of you dreams. I am well endowed with 68 hh and long flowing hair. I smell of fresh b o and sweat like no other. Last few day in town!!! Catch me while you can!!! Call Tiny 1800 BIG-Love
  17. Lena O'neil -- is she gone for good?

    Send a text to her agency. That way you get a direct answer
  18. Expensive gifts or nothing?

    Plus 1 with that statement
  19. Who is she??

    PM sent. Good luck
  20. Damn text messages

    I find that text messaging works for me because of the noise in my shop. Its tough to set a date when both party's are say " Can you hear me now?" I still prefer to be able to talk to someone cause its just more personal
  21. HELLOOOO VEGAS!!! New girl here..

    Hi Jen, welcome to the board
  22. Searching for Mistress

    All you have to do is pick one. There are many that would be happy to take your money
  23. I like a little bit of a landing strip, kinda like the tickle on my nose