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  1. Best days to hobby

    Weekdays are best for me because of where I live, I spend evenings and weekends away from town
  2. Coral

    She is legit She has posted on here about wanting all that info. There is no way I would give all that info. The fact that she did a no show I would leave a review. I understand being secure but why set an appointment if your not sure of who your seeing. That is terrible service Just my .02
  3. For CH - a redhead joke

    Good one Bit, Its nice to see a post that is not a complaint about the new site
  4. For the old timers

    Kandi, Thanks for posting this it made me smile after a crazy long day
  5. Welcome Tiffany, I wont tell you how to navigate this now because I am still learning. Welcome back
  6. New to theotherboard!

    Welcome Baby. Have fun
  7. Whats your favorite position & why?

    I have only one girl do an amazing reverse cow girl that rocked my world. I am voting for that position
  8. Angela Aspen expose

    Good for her, I hope she finds what she is looking for and is happy. I always hope the best for anyone who makes a change wither its leaving this hobby or just changing jobs
  9. Pictures with cigarettes

    I dont smoke, but if a girl does thats her choice. I have never been with a girl that tasted like a smoker. If I were looking for a woman to spend my life with I would think twice about a smoker.
  10. New to the board

    Welcome to the new board
  11. A hug!

    Amber, I think everyone needs a hug at times. I hope your day gets better.
  12. Thinking of visiting...

    Welcome to the Board!!! DTC is a great place to stay Good Luck
  13. Who's a member of ??

    I was able to join while flying over Mexico in a private jet that belonged to a former employer. I did not think it was any better than doing it in a van or bus. I enjoyed the lady I was with more than the altitude or the plane
  14. A Questions for the Guy's

    I think I might be a bit more selective than some guys, I have seen many topnotch girls and if they are not trustworthy enough for any new girl and she wants moreI move on. I think there has to be a reasonable amount of trust on both sides. I do not see any girl that does not have a reputation as for being reliable and legit. I dont want dealings with LE any more than tge next person. I think some people forget this is supposed to be fun, if someone is not comfortable with my references then she should just say so.
  15. Hi...

    Hi Crissy, Welcome back
  16. To Shave or not shave?

    I know I prefer to keep myself shaved just because I feel like my sensitivity is higher. I also prefer a woman to be trimed very short or completely shaved because then I dont have to stop what I enjoy to remove hair.
  17. Keystone question

    Good luck with that being your first post
  18. Newbie

    Hi, welcome to the board. There are many friendly people here and some not so nice people. Good luck
  19. Social Media and The Hobby

    I know there are some people who are going to talk some shit about this but here goes! I personally dont have a Facebook account, Twitter or any other account because it does not interest me to be that much in contact with people. I also dont want people to have that much information about me Just my .02
  20. Employer?

    I think you did the right thing by moving on. There are more batshit crazy hookers than most of the men realize. If you are 411 approved and have references that should have been more than enough Just my .02
  21. Provider email response

    I dont think i would say you got blacklisted. Maybe the girls dont respond if they are busy, how many people dont rsvp to weddings and or partys??? I would not take it personally. Just move on
  22. There are reviews, what are you looking for? She is a provider and legit.
  23. long nip fetish

    I would say do some basic research and read some reviews before asking a question like this for your first post
  24. Have you ever considered...

    Yes, I have dreamed about being a male escort. I would think many men have. I never got as far a picking a name only because i cant think that any woman would want to pay a slightly plump,balding, mid to late 40s guy. I have been told that my oral skills are great and i could make a living with them. I do think most women can get laid just about any time they want so the male escort would have to have a niche that made him special to the market. Just my .02