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  1. what would you do ?

    So Sorry to hear this. I think if I were able to afford it I would travelas much as I could. I would visit places I only dreamed of. I would also like the idea of a living funeral I think it would be good to see people that I may have forgotten about in the last few years.
  2. Justina you are awesome, I love those bikes. If I woke up as a woman I would probably turn gay, I love pussy to much. I would like to see what it feels like to be eaten out. I would get a huge boob job just so I could use them to my advantage once.
  3. Just saying hi!

    Welcome, no need to lurk any more
  4. Deep Throat

    Kaduk, Nikki, You both have impressed me Two very cool videos Thanks:D
  5. 411 on Mya on BP

    I can say I saw her a few weeks ago... Yes she is Nina. She claims there is more to her review with Bingocard than any one else knows. I saw her and did not have any issue, I enjoyed myself very much. Maybe I caught her on a good day. She did say she was [snip} and much happier. I did not review because I was just too busy. Good luck
  6. 411 for my atf Fallen Angel

    If you were a good friend you would not be looking here
  7. man with 2 penises

    wow that is a bunch of info... Theres and old saying " Horny like a two pecker billy goat"
  8. Good Russian

    I agree Kandi is awesome
  9. Hot or Not?

    some of it is not for me but some might be fun to try
  10. Cold Hard Truth (no pun intended)

    If you met a girl at a bar or any other social function and she stalked you like this I would you would be running scared of her. We have all seen ladies that we think would be great for the life long partner, then we wake up. If any woman had taken you up on your offer I would question her motive. Just my 2 cents worth
  11. Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to all of the great Ladies and Gentlemen. I hope everyone has a great Holiday season
  12. Justina, I have been looking for a woman that can knock me out with her skills...I think if that ever happens to me you can just know I died happy.
  13. I don't think I want either one of those They scare me
  14. I have traded car repairs for sex. Owning a car repair shop I get that offer more than I ever thought I would. The funny part is it's not only from providers. The scariest part is when it's from a man. Lol
  15. Cant tell you how many times I have had them around my head.
  16. Bianca?

    Yes she is still active. She still post every now and then
  17. sex and movies?

    Home alone??????LOL
  18. a way to keep warm for the winter

    OH HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont want a woman with more hair than me!! That would be the same as having a woman spit her chew out right before playtime YUCK!!
  19. I agree with Pitbull. I dont enjoy having a conversation with some girls due to just poor conversation skills.
  20. OK, I'll bite

    well thanks for clearing that up for all of us. Now there is a girl taking care of business
  21. I have given massage gift card so she can get a massage bacause she works hard. She said thanks so much cause she got pampered for a change
  22. Marilyn Finally Posts a Thread

    Welcome to the Board.
  23. You might be an ASP if.....

    How many times has this happened to you?