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  1. Those are two I never heard of or laughed so hard about. Thanks
  2. That's kind of a rough way to learn what providers you can trust. I think the thought of using hobby equipment is a damn good idea
  3. Plus 1 I am with Melissa Direct from the source is best
  4. What happened to Harley Haven?

    That's a good question. I am wondering if she retired and is working on her other businesses
  5. Is it ok to want to speak to a provider first?

    I would rather talk to someone before meeting them, The girl I have seen in the past and that know me know my shop is always noisy and my hearing is very bad. I have set up many appointments via text not by choice. For me there is a bit of build up hearing her voice and letting it stay in my mind on the way to the appointment. I think as of writing this I am going to only set up appointments via conversation. Just my 2 cents:)
  6. LOL that's some funny stuff. the scary part is the picture of the black panties looks like he craped his pants.
  7. Hello ladies and gentlmen.

    Hello Alisa. Welcome to Denver and the board
  8. New To TOB...

    Welcome Madison. Enjoy The other board
  9. A fill in the blank poll...

    I would have to say retire with rate change being a close second.
  10. Proof

    That anit right. Some funny shit though:D:D
  11. My Stay

    I have seen girls that have stayed there. There are probably a dozen places along Arapahoe Rd. That you can use. I would stay away from Motel6
  12. There are some good ones, There is a girl here in town that used to work for Sharies Ranch. She was fun to see but every thin was an add on They are so costly because they have to share the money with the brothels Good luck
  13. Favorite Condoms and Lube?

    What you don't want funny tasting condoms???? I don't know about condom taste, I know there are many flavored lubes that might be fun I have seen regular and magnum sized condoms, do offer super small for some guys???
  14. Asps with physical disabilities.

    Personality is the best asset that any ASP can have. Any other features can make the time interesting. I know when I see someone I enjoy learning what they enjoy and learning new positions that are different from what I do on a regular basis Just my 2 cents worth
  15. All about the that Race

    I picked other cause I don't have a favorite race. I have friends from all walks of life I have seen girls from all races, in short I think there are beautiful women in all races( some ugly ones also). 😜
  16. Poll your preferred ASP locator

    I prefer eb. I feel I don't have to worry about LE because most of the girls have been verified there
  17. I am guessing the worst is at Grandmas house
  18. There is no easy way for her to deal with this. I know there is no way I would want to get serious with any woman knowing she was sleeping with another guy, let alone several to many other guys. I think many guys that hobby say they could deal with this situation, but when it comes down to it can they really ? I think if she wants to make the change from provider to lover/girlfriend and wants to make it work she would have a new career coming around the corner If she is not serious about the guy she should set him straight ASAP. It will hurt him less in the long run Just my thoughts Good luck to her
  19. New Girl Saying Hi

    Hi. Welcome to town. Enjoy your stay
  20. 411 on satisfaction GARUNTEED!

    Good info to see. Thanks
  21. 411 Riley

    There is a review under Riley Stone on TOB
  22. Hello from Miami

    Good afternoon, Welcome to the board:)
  23. 411 on Scarlet

    WOW What a Change!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would stay away also
  24. what would you do ?

    I have thought about this more today. How much fun could you have setting things right that piss you off? I would bump the little blue hair out of my way as I was driving down Arapahoe rd. I would stuff my hamburger is the punk ass face in a the drive through when they screw it up. Damn $5.00 an hour punks. Lol I hope what ever you do you enjoy your life to the fullest