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  1. That is very funny Justina. Thanks for the laughs
  2. I would agree he has the dream job. I am very envious of that life.
  3. new and curious

    Welcome and enjoy your time here
  4. The downside of "trades"

    I am sorry that happened to you. I am all about trade if it works for both people, I have a few providers that I have traded with and also drywall work while remolding houses. Better luck next time
  5. COS PD Johns on Facebook

    I saw this on the news. I thought its a shame, we have people who commit major crimes such as [snip}, murder, and yet they have their IDs kept a secret. Just another way police cross the lines and we are supposed to respect them?????? So Wrong
  6. I would love to watch a girl have fun with this
  7. Happy Birthday Jez!!!

    Happy Birthday Jez. I hope your day was great
  8. Ncis to Shameless...

    She is such a sexy woman. I guess I need to start watching Shameless
  9. Should I say Hi out side of the hobby??

    I think that would be priceless to explain to my sister
  10. Should I say Hi out side of the hobby??

    Thanks Every One I think I made the correct choice to just leave her be Have a great week all I am heading for the Bahamas next week so some one else will have to pick up my slack
  11. New _to_ TOB, Advice if any

    Hi Honey welcome Enjoy your self
  12. Resumes?

    This was so funny I had to share it with all the people in the office, we all were laughing so hard it was tough to deal with customers. Thanks for the laugh
  13. This has so been covered!! This is the same Alicia How many time do you see a provider change name??? this is nothing new to this hobby
  14. Are you a real Cowboy?

    I have been a lesbian all my adult life. Got to love the taste of a woman
  15. I am sorry this has happened to you. It's a shame that some people on both sides of this hobby are looking to rip off people. This hobby is supposed to be fun. I am surprised any provider would stay with out being paid up front. Good luck to you
  16. I always wondered what it looked like inside, could be fun to try:o
  17. Would you see a bald provider?

    Hell YES I would see a bald provider. I would feel like a hypocrite if I said no because providers have been seeing me as I am loosing my hair😃 Plus I think her not having hair would keep her from having to stop French lessons to pull it out of the way. Lol
  18. Just wanted to say hi

    Welcome Redd. Enjoy
  19. 411 on Joy Toy

    What you need to remember about Joy is she used to work in a Nevada, They make their money on the up sell!!! I will say she was awesome and fun, Great personality!!
  20. BJ preferences

    Where was the all the above option??????? It has to have some of all that
  21. Mother Nature is a *C* blocker...

    NC/NS is not allowed, we all have a busy life. I am a firm believer is treating every appointment like I want my customers to treat me (show up ON TIME and be polite) Just my point of view
  22. 411 on Joy Toy

    I have seen her. I saw her in DTC. She was awesome. She is the Lovely Alicia. The only advice I have is to be prepared for the up sale. Everything is an up sale
  23. fisting

    I have never done that but I sure would like to try it some time if the right girl was interested...I think it could be very sexy to be a part of.
  24. Here's your chance...

    I have not seen a SI that I would consider offensive
  25. Hi Kari, Welcome to the board I have to agree on the "get a life" But I love it here