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  1. New to TOB...

    Welcome Lola!!! I hope you enjoy your time here.
  2. I wish I could see her more often, The problem is not lack of funds on my end, it more a lack of having help to cover me when I am out of the shop. I have two guys that tell me its time for me to go see some one because they are sick of me being crabby with them.
  3. Hello everyone...

    Welcome Jen, Enjoy your time here.
  4. Rockies/Western Slope Providers?

    There are several women that travel through your area. I would say do your research and find a quality provider that is willing to travel to you or you go to her location. After reading your reviews on the other board I would guess you might need to step up in your price range. Just my .02
  5. Tiny ____

    Autumn Anderson is also a great fit..
  6. Joytoy

    If you have questions just pick up the phone and call her
  7. I personally try to preschedule due to the fact that I can schedule my week. I have seen some very lovely women on short notice though. I also agree it is kind of fun to be able to flirt before the session
  8. Happy Birthday Justina Carter!

    Happy Birthday Justina I hope you have a great day
  9. free pussy for sale

    Maybe the pussy is trying to motorboat her:)
  10. free pussy for sale

    Who the HELL wants a cat like that????
  11. neighbor is an escort

    Plus 1 That would be funny
  12. I agree with the above statement. I remember the first time I saw someone. I think she was more scared than me
  13. I have been a mechanic for 30 years and I know my back could not handle most of those positions
  14. 411 on Armani?

    If I am not mistaken I see several reviews on TOB, The one reviewer I clicked on had many reviews
  15. Hi dtc!!!!

    Welcome to the Tech Center. Enjoy yourself
  16. Women aren't the only ones wanting better sex. I am guessing that why Providers are in demand.
  17. I wonder how the girls feel about this I have seen one of my favorite providers a few times at the store, she is by her self and I was by myself. Should I say HI? or should I do as I have done and just keep walking and not say anything? Just curious
  18. Giving Denver a try

    welcome Zoey, enjoy your time here and have as much fun as you can
  19. would like to introduce myself

    Welcome enjoy your stay!!
  20. Should I review?

    +1 you should have posted a review when it happened
  21. I got 9/11. I would guess I need to pay more attention. Thank goodness there are plenty of providers willing to let me learn
  22. NEW To the area....

    Welcome. I hope your stay is enjoyable
  23. Newbie [Snip}

    Welcome Enjoy your self
  24. The downside of "trades"

    Doing something for a living doesn't automatically make you good at it. You need look no further than some of the reviews on this site for proof.