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  1. Snap chat ladies?

    I don't think some men completely understand the amount of time and effort that we put into all that it takes to be a good provider. I definitely agree that if gentleman want more of me outside of a session a small monthly or yearly fee isn't too much to ask...and hey, u don't want to pay then no harm no foul...and i guess i also look at it like that is for regulars who you've built a re pore with than opposed to those debating ether they should take the dive I'm not a picture type girl and i hate taking pics aren't within the last month but I'm true to my pics...i usually ask gentleman to exchange photos...if u need too much more to simply set an appt....ur out of luck. Set an appt....and see if we have chemistry or not. .and if NOT than farewell! Meeting someone new off the web is always gonna be a risk and if the risk is too big than move on and ladies at bars or strip clubs the traditional way...or if u want to see contenr of ladies tgere is thousands of cam girls that have free content as well as free porn sites ...i guess wat in sayibg is some guys just think it is all freecand that its all for fun. Dont fet ne wrong i love wat i do but it pays my bills so im not honba use ny spare time to entertain anyone other than my children.... I think definitely the using of social media as platforns to ptomote for profits is an option.
  2. Who ever invented latex should be shot

    Lol I've sworn off latex
  3. I mean damn. Makes me wanna... well i don't know but it taste awful.
  4. Condom Broke - Freaking Out a Little

    I'm going to see if the client can get a took a bath today pass from the
  5. Condom Broke - Freaking Out a Little

    Now it's got me wondering hypothetically that is could you charge more for being clean
  6. Condom Broke - Freaking Out a Little

  7. Condom Broke - Freaking Out a Little

    If she wasn't the cleanest girl around why would you?
  8. Hello Denver

    Having a blast here in denver
  9. Hello Denver

    So this is a wonderful town with some wonderful people... hope i get to meet some.. Just dropping in to say hello..