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  1. Strangest experience, provider, client you've had?

    I would have to say mine was fairly recently. Within the last 2 months recent. I met with someone who wanted me to wear a latex suit and a gas mask during the entire encounter. Not one time did our skin touch and I have to say it was the most...unique session I've ever had. But, whatever floats your boat!
  2. References help

    I don't accept references. Perhaps check out the screening requirements for ladies who do not accept references and provide that information.
  3. Gift cards.

    As others have said - they're great tips if they're for specific places. I'll accept a Visa gift card as a form of payment after funds have been verified but that is the only type.
  4. Guy's Do You Prefer Selfies Or Professional Pics

    I think professional photos are absolutely necessary for advertising. Especially when they have minimal to no editing and are done in more natural lighting. Selfies are great for day to day photos on social media IMO - or keeping selfies to 1-2 shots on ads or in galleries. Daily pics on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat are great but professional photos will 100% make your ads pop.
  5. Accepted age difference?

    Personally I think everything should be based off of maturity level. Some people won't see me because I'm under 25 but that shouldn't be an indication of someone's intelligence.
  6. Hotel elevator access...

    One of the best solutions is to find a place to hide the key, take a picture of where it's hidden, and send instructions to the key to the date. Once they confirm they have it then give room #. I've used this a few times after having a guy shout my name at the top of his lungs in a small lobby and run over and kiss me when I went down to get him. Never again will I meet a client in the lobby of a hotel.
  7. Traveling to Florida.

    TSMFE is for Tampa or SkipTheGames or AdultSearch - STG & AS don't really have a forum but lots of providers post on them.
  8. Would you do this if you got caught?

    That has to be fake. There's no way someone would get that tattooed on them. We all know I before E except after C.
  9. Jacksonville, FL

    I am just down the road in Tampa but I have a friend based in Jax. PM me.