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  1. Hobbyists: Where else do you browse?

    For boards, pretty much TOB for Colorado, TER for the east coast, them eccie for the south and midwest. Ave-X in Virginia, but that is limited. For verification sites, P411 is pretty reliable everywhere. Not sure what is happening with the new Date-Check with the new format and fee structure. With so few ladies that transferred, they may have killed it.
  2. How many times do you see a provider

    About half the ladies I have seen were one and done. The other half were repeats. If the second, and third were pretty much the same experience as the first, then stopped there. The ones I have seen dozens of times kept it interesting with new and fun activities as well as a strong connection. With many ladies, becoming a regular can have its privileges.
  3. Etiquette rant

    Sorry to disagree young lady, but this is NOT like a dating site. All of us could go to one at any time and take a chance. Most of us have neither the time nor funds to waste time to "eventually find the one that meets your needs". That is why we do reviews, so others will have an idea of what activities are usually available. And posts help us know a little about the other's personality. And, if you are reliable, respectful, and professional.
  4. Howdy!

    Hello! I'm from AL. How can we get this board going for the southeast?
  5. Manscaping

    I've had the pleasure of a lady manscaping me and it is a thoroughly enjoyable and erotic experience. Very intimate as she explores and caresses your privates. I highly recommend it with a skilled professional.
  6. Fashion Photographer

    Fun post. I'm sure you will have the guys lining up to model for you! Count me in.
  7. New Prostitution (John's) Law to take affect October 1, 2015

    I am afraid its going to get worse. Since the world's oldest profession will always be with us, a better way is to legalize it and let government profit from the taxes. No one accuse brothels of trafficking in places where prostitution is legal. Nevada isn't about to shut down its brothel industry. Maybe we need a campaign, starting in Colorado to make prostitution legal and taxed. Think of the additional tourism. [Snip} and get laid!
  8. Licking pussy

    I enjoy it and 5 years of hobbying have helped me hone my skills pretty well. Have only met one provider that didn't want it, but she did want DATO, which was clean and tasty. That's what I love about you ladies - you are each unique and fun and different in your own ways. Big and small, short and tall, I love you all!
  9. Why Hour vs Half Hour?

    +1 Nikki For me, it is all about the full interaction across everything we do. It is the full journey. My question is why just 1 hour, when you can have 2?
  10. Lets see if I understand this. My partner (in or out of the hobby) can take a pill that will enhance their enjoyment. ABSOLUTELY!!! Its about damn time the ladies have "enhancers" for themselves as well.
  11. Is It Me ...

    I would really be impressed if Laci reached out to engineer to apologize and offer to give him a free session and then make sure it is the best session she has ever had with a hobbyist. Isn't that step 9 of the 12 steps? She has already done step 10 to admit her wrongdoing here, which BTW I am really impressed.
  12. The FnG

    There is another rule: Only see low volume ladies in upscale hotels, or even better - you get the room and she comes to you. Then you know LE is unlikely to be monitoring. I am always cautious about seeing a lady at her residence. Be very careful, drive past to check out the neighbors to see if they are watching. It is easy to look like you are not sure where you are going and trying to find your way.
  13. Fort Collins prostitution sting catches 10

    I see this happening across the country, all using the same weak justification to combat underage human trafficking. They even all use the same phrase: "Colorado is considered an emerging hub for sex trafficking and prostitution in the United States, partly due to its central location and system of major interstates that run across the state, investigators say. " Just substitute Atlanta or Ohio and you can see a nationwide trend. While LE is monitoring boards like this and there is some attractiveness to busting a well established gent or lady, that is not really what they are after. Bust after bust across the nation shows guys like the ones in Ft. Collins, along with BP ladies. Its really sad that taxpayer resources are going after this and not true criminals. But, the sky is not falling. Using screening services like P411 and Date-Check for both ladies and gents, staying off BP, and being discrete in all activities is the way to stay safe and keep hobbying.
  14. provider provides FS

    Here's another option. Stay off BP and go with well reviewed and reliable providers on TOB and P411. That way you know you are dealing with a professional and activities are well known and expectations will be met. Then, you can make a choice as to whom you see based on what she likes to do and be assured that tipping is entirely up to you. The old saying goes well in the hobby as well: You get what you pay for. Shopping BP for bargains is NOT a good idea.
  15. Three Strikes, I'm out!

    After a while in the hobby, I realized that the best times are not necessarily with those that have the best looks. I now look for a well reviewed and experienced lady that appears to be comfortable with her body and focused on pleasing her partner as well as having a good time herself. Yes, I would much rather spend my time and $ with an older lady that may not be the young inexperienced spinner, but a lady that knows her ways around a man, as well as herself. My advice - don't quit, just change your tactics to ladies that are experienced, both young and mature. Relax and enjoy yourself and the wonderful ladies of Colorado! And stay off BP. In the hobby, as is tru in most of life, you get what you pay for.