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  1. Hey! You can keep your city sex. Out here in the wild west we love our cowgirl, doggie, licking the beaver, makin' like a beast with two backs...
  2. Pictures with cigarettes

    I remember going to a dive bar in Amsterdam, back in the early 80s. A stripper came out, strutted on the bar, and put on a show involving a lit cigar, candles, and ping pong balls. She never used her hands, either. Now that was SMOKING!
  3. Testing...

    Somebody likes redheads... Me too!
  4. Searching for...

    I imagine he'd be pretty happy if you provided dozens of suggestions for him. If you don't recall a specific ad to help out, why chime in at all?
  5. GREEK: GFE or PSE?

    Think that pretty well nails it.
  6. Real Name First & Last

    1. Because prostitution is illegal. 2. Because many of the men have not told their wives they are seeing you. Do you provide your real first and last name?
  7. Dawna on her knees had no equal...so I'm calling Justina now!
  8. My Fetish Dilemma

    Book back to back providers...
  9. Have we considered ...

    Next you'll want to disallow having more than one ATF!
  10. Poll your preferred ASP locator

    I'm in SLC pretty frequently. Please, what is AHB?
  11. Deep Throat

    I've run into a couple of gals who could take it all the way in, and who LOVED doing it. And yes, it's really all that! One was a girlfriend, one was a professional. As much as the act of deep throat itself, the passion involved contributes to making it so great.
  12. For those wanting some extra protection

    I thought the plastic wedgie was the appeal?
  13. For those wanting some extra protection

    I suppose there's a market for everything. Although most of the appeal of sex for me is the intimacy of touching flesh...
  14. Sexual Fact of the Day:

    A big data dump, fer sure.
  15. Same thing just happened to me.