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  1. Day Rental Hotel Rooms

    True that
  2. Day Rental Hotel Rooms

    Aren't all hotels daily rentals? Did you mean hourly? None in Pueblo, they're about $100 in COS, why not an "airbnb" for what it's worth?
  3. Our Pup Update

    That's awesome. Good job dad!
  4. Our wild animals? This is so sad!

    P.S. That I am the topic of offline discussions of which you're the spokesperson for tickles my DICK. Thank you.

    I can see where you might think this comment was about you but it wasn't. My apologies.
  6. There I was thinking tipping the lady is grateful. 😲

    No wonder my ears were ringing! Always good for an eye roll, I suspect trolling is the least of our worries here.
  8. Hello gorgeous. Hope you're enjoying Colorado.
  9. 2nd chances

    How lovely. Sorry to be that guy again but, (most) men are in this to escape the mundane, experience companionship...bust a nut. Those unable or unwilling to facilitate this, that, or whatever is agreed upon at any level and for any reason should find something else to do until they can. Anything less is a very costly disappointment if not Rip-off.

    (Picks the mic up butt-naked, nut sack hanging, swinging at the camera) I'll bite. With 285 to your record to date and all but about ten RAVING since 2019, one of two things happened in your seemingly illustrious travels. A) You figured out the popularity contest requires being less than honest about our experiences very early on. 2) You developed the perfect picker after your last less than fantasmagorical review in 2019, in which case you should a ) save the community with your secret sauce and/or b ) - patent that shit then take it to Shark Tank. 😁 3) With more money than brains, you're oblivious to the well-established fact that reviews, particularly from yes men, are mostly for their own egos. D) All the above No less loud than the less prolific such as myself only different, no amount of be more like me will compel UTR participants to commit more time to superfluous bullshit, incrimination worse, or to want any reviews🎤.
  11. 2nd chances

    A former madam before becoming a beloved poet famously said, "When people show you who they are, believe them the first time." - (RIP) Maya Angelou My hiring process starts with first contact, during which I am very respectful and tolerate zero sass. Just a sign of things to come, in that case I am quick to label her contact record "Stank" to never waste my time again. If she makes it through to a blessed visit, I am the guy to leave before TCB if she demonstrates anything less than wanting me there because 99 problems.com. And if things go south after TCB, which happens, it's chalked up to the best teacher, experience.
  12. Immature Adults these days...

    You know this how? 🤯Presumably second-hand, be sure to leave some Kool-Aid for the others dying of thirst-thirst. A mere microcosm of a vast universe, an objective read through these forums, and reviews, proves there's plenty of reason to doubt, even reject that assertion. Now, rarely seen in these forums, we can agree LADIES that understand and respect the hobby ecosystem deserve even more respect than your words express. The rest need to forgive daddy/heal the mother wound, already.✌🏾
  13. Our wild animals? This is so sad!

    Afraid to now because cyber-stalking 🤣 , not because that's what it is there for, I cannot remember the last time I visited your profile, Twitter, nada Duval so, stop making trouble that doesn't exist and, bye! Don't let the door hit ya anywhere the good lawd split ya! 😀
  14. Our wild animals? This is so sad!

    Finally, I see how you think! So, I sought out an old post from someone I have no problems with to find a provider whom I haven't and wouldn't see to take out a vendetta using wit I don't have because, like little birds to Capistrano, shit is after all necessary to life? OH BOY! Strangely, none of my part in that is true but, dude! Are you off your meds or is that frontal lobe just taking longer to cook?
  15. Our wild animals? This is so sad!

    Yes, she did . Based on your input, I believe you're here because you like sharing that sugary, chocolate cake. Aware this is not the only source of income for many, the "lights on" comment was meant to acknowledge providers pay to be here, not hobbyists. Enjoy your day sweets.