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  1. AMP's

    You can never really go by the pictures in AMP ads it's kind've just a hit or miss thing. If you want to screen for good service you could try rubmaps, you can either pay $20 for a month to see the reviews and find the good parlors in your area or submit a new parlor/pic of said parlor to the sit eand get a free month. AMPs can be worth it if you find a few good ones but its much more word of mouth driven then service providers are since theres no repository of free reviews and all of the parlors seem to have agreed to use fake pics.
  2. AMP's

    In Lakewood theres still an AMP like every two or three miles or so and none seem to have shutdown or been affected by the lack of advertising, it may be due to your location. I know Aurora or some other municipality recently changed their city ordinances to make it easier for them to shut AMPs down for offering erotic services, it could be due to where you are trying to go. If it was the city that changed their laws the 4 shutdown you mentioned may be due to that or have moved in anticipation of a shutdown.
  3. Ladies we have to do better

    There's one girl that seems to have posted 2-3 ads calling herself the "Facepaint queen" and her pictures show her with a facial in one of them. Seems like some providers are just going to be very blatant no matter what the current legal environment is like unless they are directly told off by an admin or a mod.
  4. Where have all the BBWs gone?

    I've looked in the listings but there are barely any compared to before all the major changes went down
  5. Where have all the BBWs gone?

    Some of my favorite times with providers have been with BBWs but they seem hard to come across now a days. Does anybody know of any that are a bit UTR or know of which site has the most BBW listings for Colorado?
  6. Best nqns/bbbj in Denver.

    She doesn't do cim but ebony dee gives the best bbbj hands down
  7. 411 Makenzie and Star

    I'm sorry but i don't really understand the point you were making about the age thing either. I've seen girls post ads where it says no young black men, seems like more of the same to me.
  8. 411 Makenzie and Star

    Lots of providers say no black men in their ads tho dont they?
  9. 411 Makenzie and Star

    Anybody seen these two? Or know anything about them. http://denver.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/real-sexy-blonde-sisters-visiting-denver-19/13147302