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  1. Fun places in the Springs?

    Tony’s? I’ve never been there! I am always good for beer!!! Lol
  2. Fun places in the Springs?

    I need some adventure time this weekend!!! What’s fun to do around here this weekend.
  3. Fancy DateS?

    Like a pretty woman moment lol
  4. Fancy DateS?

    8th Street is a mess now!!
  5. Fancy DateS?

    I am good with just a field goal!!! Hahaha
  6. Fancy DateS?

    Who needs water when there is beer hahaha. That back starts to act up, good ol craft beer, still noisy but won’t hurt!!! Lmao!!!!
  7. Fancy DateS?

    Holy crap I laughed too hard. Excuse me maam that’s not my bed. That’s my hip 😂😂😂
  8. Fancy DateS?

    A creeking bed is a good thing 😂 if the neighbors can’t hear, you’re doing something wrong hahha
  9. Fancy DateS?

    What’s the nicest place you’ve ever taken a lady of the night too?
  10. Denver?

    The next couple of days, holy hell its like hotels are made of gold?!?! Where are some nice hobby safe hotels that aren’t 200+ a night? Ladies please PM me.
  11. Incall share?

    Are there any providers here that do Incall shares? Please ladies PM me.
  12. Thigh highs or pantyhose !

    What outfits on a woman drive you mad?!? ladies what do you feel sexiest in?!? for me it’s fishnet and thigh highs all day!!
  13. Gentlemen please clean up after yourselves

    Ugh, having the wife call just makes me so sick and queasy. Guys you don’t even need a burner phone. Just get a burner email. Download a texting app. Delete the app when you’re not not looking for someone, or communicating. And for the love of god use a private browser!!
  14. Best fishing spots!

    I heard there's some good fishing spots closer to Denver Brighton area. Barr lake? I might try that one out this week for a few days. My life revolves around fishing. Clearly bahahahhaha
  15. Bored

    I got some trout which always makes my heart happy!!! I need someone to cook them for!! Lol. I don't eat fish, so I'm the queen of catch and release!