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    I am open minded, down to earth, sweet, insatiable fantasy full-filling experiences, and much more!!
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    I am in dallas nut im expanding my travels all over.
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    meeting new people, learning, art, traveling, the hobby, and ect. :)
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  1. Cancelations & ncns

    Hello I could really use some help as I'm still adjusting to the new sites changes. First how can we go about reporting no call no shows and let other providers know so their time isn't waisted and then the clients who cancel at the last minute before the session. I understand things come up abut when it is almost every time a session is booked then their is something wrong and this has happened more times this trip than any other here.
  2. What is?

    what is the best places to go in Denver for scenery and fun??
  3. FIRE and ICE

    I love coming to Colorado especially because it is a different environment makes me realize theirs more out their and what it has to offer
  4. firs time in denver with sexxy sabrin :)

    hey my name is sexy Sabrina and I am new to this board. I am interested and ecstatic to meet generous and fun new friends.